Raymond Island Season 2 Episode 14 - Big Governors Don’t Cry

Raymond Island Season 2, Episode 14

Big Governors Don't Cry

Gretchen is at the grand re-opening of the Newport Opera House with her family.

Anthony: You know, Gretchen, I think it’s so important how dedicated you are to the arts.

Gretchen: I learned it from the best.

Lucinda: Thank you, it’s always an honor to be recognized for my greatness.

Eddie: I think she meant dad. You never took us to the theater.

Lucinda: I went with you kids every time.

Mary: You begged him to stop buying tickets. He never did because he enjoyed it and so did us kids.

Lucinda: I grew to appreciate it as I got older.

Mary: Maybe once we left home.

Gretchen: It was never the opera that mom didn’t like. It was having to sit so close to you two!

Eddie: You weren’t a treat, either.

Lucinda: It wasn’t that. Well, not really. When you kids were young, I had to focus on making sure you were all secure and not running out of your seats. I couldn’t focus of the music. Once I got older and didn’t have to worry about that, I could listen and enjoy it more.

Gretchen: Ha! I was right!

Mary: You were part of the reason why she didn’t like it.

Gretchen: Doesn’t matter, so were you!

Christina: How do you guys manage to get into an argument over something dumb like this?

Eddie: They’re gifted.

Anthony: They sure are! Now, maybe we should get inside. Gretchen has a photo op with the manage.

Gretchen: That’s right! I almost forgot because we were having too much fun here in the parking lot!

Christina: It’s so nice to have the opera house open again! I cried when the fire took it down.

Lucinda: Since when do you listen to opera?

Mary: As long as you.

Lucinda: Very funny!

Gretchen: I thought so.

Christina: I’ve always loved the arts, grandma. It was so sad when such a fine institution with such history was -

Lucinda: That’s okay, I don’t need to know that bad.

Christina: Mom, she’s still mean.

Gretchen: Not to me, and that’s what matters. Now, let’s get in there and do this photo op so we can get to our seats!

Four hours later…

Christina: Is mom… okay?

Toby: Her face is leaking.

Anthony: I know you aren’t used to seeing her cry, but that does appear to be what’s happening.

Gretchen: It was so beautiful. Their voices were glorious, the story so moving. Porgy and Bess always makes me weep.

Mary: You’re the only one crying. In the entire theater.

Gretchen: Everyone here is heartless, then.

Mary: We already knew mom was.

Lucinda: Sticks and stones, Mary Anne!

Eddie: She used the full name, she’s furious!

Mary: That’s nothing new.

Anthony: You two need to stop. You can leave, I need to take her home with me and you’ve got her filled with rage.

Lucinda: I’m used to my children teasing me, I can take it. I’m an adult. I’m rational.

Anthony: You tell yourself that.

Gretchen: How are you guys focusing on anything other than the beautiful art we just witnessed?

Anthony: That opera really had an affect on you.

Gretchen: How could it not?

Eddie: Pretty easily.

Toby: Mom, can we go home?

Gretchen: No one else seems to be interested in sitting here and thinking about what they’ve watched, so I guess it’s time to go home.

Mary: Will you be able to drive like this?

Anthony: I intend to live beyond today, so I’ll be driving. Not only because she’s been crying, she also can’t see in the dark.

Gretchen: I’m as blind as a bat!

Anthony: We really need to get that fixed.

Eddie: Well, you guys have a good night. Let’s do this again sometime, it was oddly fun.

Mary: Speak for yourself.

Eddie: I didn’t claim to be speaking for you.

Mary: I’m only pulling your leg. A night away from the kids is always appreciated. I’d rather go to the movies, though.

Lucinda: Look at Gretchen. Imagine how much she’d cry after a movie. Any movie.

Christina: She cried after Bridesmaids.

Gretchen: Because I love Wilson Phillips!

Anthony: Hold On was our wedding song!

Eddie: Speaking of crying, Hannah is watching Mary’s horrible children and we need to get to Mary’s and relieve her of that horrible job.

Mary: You can’t make me go back there.

Lucinda: Good night, you two. I love you!

Eddie: Did our mother just say those words?

Mary: And she’s not on fire?

Lucinda: I take it back. I love you, though, Gretchen.

Gretchen: Thank you, mom! I l- lo- l- love you, too.

Anthony: Took her a while but she got there!

The next day, at the office…

Samantha: Try not to cry at the sight of me, governor.

Gretchen: I don’t know what this is about and I’m okay with keeping it that way. The less I know about you, the better.

Samantha: I was listening to the Walker Daniels show today.

Gretchen: I don’t remember asking.

Samantha: He was talking about -

Gretchen: Susana! How’d you let her in here?

Samantha: They’re at lunch, which is where I just got back from. Your staff’s quite slow. Not a shock.

Gretchen: Why are you telling me about listening to Walker? Why would you ever admit that?

Samantha: He was talking about you.

Gretchen: I’m sure it was enlightening. Now, I have work to do. Can you go back to your flying monkeys?

Samantha: Jeanne’s out sick. Tonsillitis.

Gretchen: Wow, finally tonsils are useful for something.

Samantha: Anyway, Walker was talking about your night out last night.

Gretchen: You mean my support of the arts? You righties don’t like that, I know.

Samantha: I have am 89% lifetime score from the American Liberal Institute. Just because you’re a communist, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be the keynote speaker at CPAC.

Gretchen: Yeah, whatever.

Samantha: Walker was -

Gretchen: This again?

Samantha: Walker was talking about your meltdown.

Gretchen: There was no meltdown.

Samantha: I was intrigued, obviously, so I went to pick up a newspaper and he was so right. The pictures were incredible.

Gretchen: What pictures? Me cutting the ribbon at the opera house?

Samantha: There were pictures of you sobbing after the performance. You looked like a child.

Gretchen: People cry!

Samantha: Governors don’t cry.

Gretchen: I can’t believe this is something you actually came to me to talk about. I am so busy.

Samantha: Doing what?

Gretchen: Work stuff!

Samantha: How convenient.

Susana: Governor Raymond, have you heard the -

Gretchen: Yes, I have heard.

Susana: How could you possible know what I was going to ask you?

Gretchen: It came to see me about it.

Samantha: You’re so intimidated by me that you resort to name-calling. Adorable.

Carol: Oh, I just noted that Samantha is here! What a delightful surprise!

Susana: It’s not much of a surprise, she comes here to bother us every week.

Samantha: Hey, I am right here!

Hank: Could you try not being right there? We have a meeting!

Samantha: Oh, sorry, Hank!

Hank: I’m used to being forgotten, don’t worry.

Susana: Maybe you could try tending to your responsibilities instead of trying to get the governor’s goat.

Gretchen: It’s called gubernatorial harassment.

Samantha: I’ll let you get back to all this work you have to do. Try not to cry as I walk away.

Gretchen: Very funny.

Samantha and Hank leave.

Susana: So Samantha was teasing you about RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Gretchen: RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Carol: It’s a reality show, Gretchen, get with the times.

Gretchen: I know what it is! Why would Samantha tease me about it? I don’t think she knows what it is. She’s not cool like me.

Susana: So that’s NOT why she was here? Okay, never mind. Why was she here?

Gretchen: What’s up with RuPaul? I haven’t started this season yet, forgive me.

Susana: It’s really no bother.

Carol: So you know the Snatch Game? Where the queens dress up as celebrities and imitate them and play Match Game?

Gretchen: I watch the show, Carol.

Carol: Well, one of the queens played you!

Gretchen: How were they?

Carol: They used a New York accent, didn’t look like you at all and used the same joke over and over. They went home.

Gretchen: Oh, great. Something else people can make fun of me about.

Carol: This wasn’t your fault! Everything else is, but not this!

Susana: So, what was Samantha here about?

Gretchen: Apparently one of the right-winger radio hosts was talking about some pictures of me from last night where I was crying after a night at the opera. Samantha, of course, could not resist the urge to make fun of me for that.

Carol: For showing emotion? I know robots like the Sam 2000 can’t express emotion, but she really had the gall to attack you over that?

Gretchen: She says it makes me look weak.

Carol: Don’t worry about this. No one’s going to care.

Susana: Well…

Carol: “Well” what?

Susana: People are talking about it. Lots of right-wing publications picked up the story.

Carol: Desperation is a terrible thing.

Gretchen: Are we going to do anything about it?

Susana: I think this is pretty good for you, actually. It takes attention off your feud with the President.

Gretchen: Why is the media always making up fake scandals about me for them to be outraged about? I’m from Rhode Island, most people don’t even realize we exist!

Susana: They need someone to be angry with and someone for their audience to hate. You get to be that person.

Gretchen: Lucky me! 

Carol: Can I say something?

Gretchen: We’re a team, you don’t need to ask to say something. That said, no.

Carol: Oh come on!

Gretchen: I’m kidding!

Carol: I think we should take this seriously. We can’t have people thinking you’re a weak ball of tears.

Gretchen: I’ve never cried in public before, not even when Tammy lost the election.

Carol: That doesn’t matter, that image is out there now.

Susana: People aren’t going to remember this at all.

Carol: Ask Pat Schroeder if people remember her crying back in 1987. People remember when female politicians cry. It’s proof to them that women are weak and can’t lead.

Susana: Who is Pat Schroeder?

Carol: Exactly!

Susana: That… whatever.

Gretchen: Pat Schroeder was a member of Congress who ran for President and cried when she dropped out. She did a lot of great work but that’s all people remember. 

Carol: See, Susana. I’m not the only old one here.

Gretchen: What can we do to make people see I’m not a crybaby?

Susana: I think waiting for the talk to die down is our best option.

Carol: I have an idea.

Gretchen: Let’s hear it! And remember, since I have absolutely no ideas at all, I am truly open to anything. The bar is on the floor!

Carol: We’re getting a jobs report tomorrow. How about we have a press conference and you look strong and tough for the cameras.

Gretchen: I don’t hate it.

Carol: Yay! She doesn’t hate it!

Susana: I’ll inform the press.

That night, when Gretchen returns home…

Gretchen: I don’t want to hear it. I see your faces and I don’t want to hear it.

Lucinda: Oh, honey…

Gretchen: I said no!

Christina: I’m assuming you’ve been told about the pictures.

Gretchen: Does no one respect a kind, respectful request anymore?

Christina: You don’t want to talk about it at all?

Gretchen: It’s being solved tomorrow, there’s nothing to talk about.

Christina: Let’s give ‘em something to talk about!

Lucinda: Huh?

Gretchen: Calm down, Bonnie Raitt.

Anthony: How are you “solving” this? There isn’t any problem to solve. You’re human, humans cry.

Lucinda: Not me.

Anthony: I said humans.

Lucinda: Hilarious.

Gretchen: I’m not going to address the pictures in any way, I’m going to indirectly respond by delivering the monthly job report sternly and strongly.

Christina: You think that’ll work?

Gretchen: I don’t know what would get this off people’s minds but I can at least do something to show I’m not too emotional to lead.

Anthony: It’s not a bid thing to show emotion. Look at Whitney Houston, she was so emotional.

Gretchen: I’m not sure I would’ve voted for Whitney Houston to be my governor.

Lucinda: I would’ve.

Gretchen: You’d vote for anyone but me.

Lucinda: Not true! I didn’t vote for that guy that ran against you in 2018.

Gretchen: That’s my only opponent you didn’t vote for?

Lucinda: That’s not the point.

The next day, at the press conference.

Samantha: Hi, Gretchen! I think it’s so brave of you to show your face in public again so soon after we all learned you cry more than Lesley Gore on her birthday.

Gretchen: You never fail to remind people that you’re actually far older than you look. That’s admirable.

Samantha: Good luck up there today. I’m sure you’ll be able to contain yourself for ten minutes, only a drop or two will fall from your eyes.

Carol: Gretchen, it’s time.

Gretchen: Thank you, anything to get me away from her.

Hank: Actually, she’s joining us on the stage.

Gretchen: Us?

Hank: We need to present a unified front for Rhode Island.

Susana: That isn’t the saying.

Hank: Bug off, intern.

Carol: She is an assistant!

Hank: An assistant who’s only here because her mommy gets paid the big bucks.

Gretchen: You’re in a rough mood today. Your wife finally wake up and file for divorce?

Carol: Gretchen, don’t let him throw you off. Go give your report.

Gretchen: I’m going, and it’s gonna be great!

Susana: From your favorite intern, I say “good luck!”

Ten minutes later…

Carol: She’s doing great! She hasn’t once stumbled over her words. She always does.

Susana: What is she doing?

Carol: What?

Susana: She’s squinting.

Carol: She’s old. Old people can’t see as well as you younglings.

Susana: She’s picking up her hand and moving it towards her face. What is she wiping away/

Carol: Nothing! People raise their hands to their own face all the time!

Susana: She’s wiping a tear!

Carol: No she isn’t!

Susana: We should’ve just sent her into hiding for a few days. Walker will be all over this.

Carol: At least she’s giving the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race some more material for next season!

Gretchen exits the stage and walks to Carol and Susana.

Carol: That was…

Gretchen: Samantha’s perfume was so strong, it made my eyes water!

Carol: And it still went great!

Gretchen: No it did not! It looked like I was crying again!

Susana: We can’t win ‘em all, governor. People will get over it.

Carol: Pat Schroeder…

Susana: It’s 2021, people’s attention spans are much shorter now than in the eighties.

Carol: That’s true.

Gretchen: Thanks, you guys really know how to make a girl feel better.

Susana; Don’t cry again!

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