CBS Renew/Cancel FINAL PREDICTIONS: 12 Shows Renewed, 3 Cancelled and 6 More On The Fence

 NCIS: Los Angeles picked up a renewal last week (surprise).  

No surprise indeed as this entry in the franchise has been a sturdy player with an appealing cast.  Very aged indeed, like a great scotch.  Where NCIS: Los Angeles contributes higher value this year is NCIS: Hawaii was picked up to order, so having a trifecta of shows may present higher value for the franchise.  This leaves 5 shows now hanging in limbo as 12 were picked up and 3 hour long dramas were culled.  Prior history shows networks need more space than that when housing shows at 10:00, and there needs to be ample space for comedies and dramas.  So let's break down the shows in between the bright green and red zones:

All Rise

Pros: The legal eagle drama brings a touch of class to CBS' predictable drama lineup.  It holds the same niche and vibe Madam Secretary and The Good Wife did years ago.

Cons: It sits in a rich development bed between a successful sitcom block and a star-lined sturdy player, and somehow cannot catch a break even during up weeks.  And unlike Madam Secretary and The Good Wife, All Rise cannot catch a break with the same critical attention.

Where The Show Would Fit if Picked Up: Sunday at 10:00 may be a nice niche depending on whatever show CBS chooses to place behind The Equalizer.  Beyond that, All Rise will remain a weak player.


Pros: The show is peppy, upbeat and holds Linda Lavin.  Even after tested in the dreaded 9:30 Thursday timeslot, B-Positive managed to match The Unicorn late in season when ratings are softer.

Cons: Losing nearly a third of their audience after a timeslot move indicates B-Positive is lead-in dependent.  Hardly what CBS needs as prior Thursday tentpole Mom is leaving the lineup, potentially indicating that hour may be up for sale for a drama or comedies shall be shifted back to Mondays.

Where The Show Would Fit if Picked Up: Depending upon if CBS decides to keep 2 hours of comedies on Thursdays or move them back to Mondays, B-Positive may stand a sliver of a chance if CBS chooses Monday at 9:30.


Pros: Like All Rise, Clarice delivered an updated entry in CBS' boiler plate of procedurals.

Cons: Check out the ratings.  'Nuff said!  Screwing the pooch on weak nights and hemorrhaging 55% of an already weak lead-in (as well as losing 61% of its premiere audience fast) spells high risk for CBS.  Unlike Evil which was dark yet delicious, Clarice left the sour taste of vinegary chicken in viewers' mouths.

Where The Show Would Fit if Picked Up: Summer perhaps?  Or scheduled against The Superbowl?  Or after The Lat Late Show?


Pros: The series has been a sturdy player on Wednesdays and David Boreanaz can carry a show.  Delays in a renewal announcement lead folks to wonder if negotiations and production costs are holding up a renewal.

Cons: The 4th Season has delivered softer and below CBS' average.  However, the weaker SWAT was picked up, indicating great odds of SEAL Team coming back.

Where The Show Would Fit If Picked Up: Among the 4 dramas discussed among this batch, SEAL Team would mesh beautifully on several nights of the lineup.  It could even make a great contender for the vacant 8:00 Friday slot.

The Unicorn

Pros: A stylish cast, crisp writing and a lack of canned laughter leave the series as standout against the common Chuck Lorre platform known to CBS.  And the series may hold its own on Paramount Plus.

Cons: Like All Rise, just check the ratings.  The Unicorn managed to rise in up weeks but indicated the show rides the wave.  It simply does not fit the tempo of CBS and squandered the opportune times for a sitcom to shine.

Where The Show Best Fits: Sadly, The Unicorn is a misplaced jewel that cannot fit in among CBS' successful comedies.  Pray for a pickup at Paramount Plus as it may locate a suitable audience.

United States of Al

Pros: Lead actor Adhir Kalyan is stellar, and some cultural expansion is welcome considering the Afghani culture experienced nasty prejudice 20 years ago.  And the show is holding in line with B-Positive's in-seasonal ratings.

Cons: The remaining portion of the cast is poorly written and the premise is a tad dated.  United States of Al is holding decent retention, but fails to soar above outgoing tentpole Mom.

Where the Show Best Fits: If CBS chooses for 6 comedy timeslots (whether the 9:00 hour on Monday or Thursday), United States of Al would need to prove its weight holding down the 9:30 timeslot.  Hardly a breakout hit or sturdy to launch a hit, United Stated of Al fits the back end of the schedules.

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