Jess’s Take - Not Caring About the 20-21 TV Season, Watching Some Anime, and Golden Globes Networkless

Hello peoples, Jessica here. It's been a while since I have written a piece on here. First of all, moderating Discord platforms can be pretty addicting. Plus, I am heading off to law school in the fall. Don't worry, I'm still here. And there's still TV to talk about.  

1. Why the 2020-21 TV Season is Boring Me Out

Sure, you got Walker on the CW plus a few bright spots, but is television worth talking about when everything seems to go fractional? The television landscape in general has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to the point where we've lost our sense of normalcy. Without that sense of normalcy, one tends to tune out from the television and try new things. 

2. Anime

Speaking of new things, time for me to make my first impression on an anime I've been seeing this season. There's one show I'm watching called The Saint's Power is Omnipotent. It looks to be a promising action anime, so I'll be watching more of it and give my take on it. 

3. Golden Globes Networkless

Speaking of Golden Globes, NBC decided not to air the awards next year, citing "lack of diversity" in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This led to a lot of protests among celebrities including Tom Cruise threatening to give back all his Globes. But there's something NBC is not telling you - ratings have dropped 68% from the year before. You'll find the ratings report for that somewhere. But nonetheless, Golden Globes are pretty networkless at the moment. 

And that concludes Jess's Take. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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