Evergreen Aimee Season 1 Episode 2 - Victor/Victoria

Evergreen Aimee Season 1, Episode 2

Aimee is sitting in her office with Carolyn and Lynette when she gets a call from Cherie.

Cherie: Aimee, honey! How are you doing?

Aimee: The same as I was when I talked to you last night. What’s going on now?

Cherie: I have some news.

Aimee: Is it good news or bad news?

Lynette: What did she say, Aimee? Put her on speakerphone!

Cherie: Who is that?

Aimee: No one…

Lynette: What did she just ask you?

Carolyn: My lord, Lynette. You’re like a child. Let Aimee talk to her mom!

Lynette: Fine.

Aimee: Mom, is the news good or bad?

Cherie: I guess that depends on who you ask.

Aimee: I’m asking.

Cherie: I guess it depends on how you feel.

Aimee: Okay, we’re getting nowhere. Just tell me the news.

Cherie: You’re getting a visitor.

Aimee: The president?

Cherie: Honey, how would I know if the President is visiting you?

Aimee: I can’t think or anyone else since you and dad and my husband all don’t seem to know that you can fly across the country whenever you want to and neither do any of my siblings and-

Lynette: Aimee, take a breather.

Carolyn: That’s quite something coming from you.

Cherie: I agree with Lynette.

Lynette: You can hear me? Hi, Mrs. Ferrera!

Cherie: Hello, girls. I need my daughter back now, okay?

Lynette: Okay!

Cherie: Aimee -

Aimee: Yes? Tell me who’s coming!

Cherie: Your aunt Victoria is dropping in.

Aimee: Aunt Victoria?

Cherie: That is what I said.

Aimee: I haven’t seen her in years! I spoke to her a few weeks ago, though. Why didn’t she tell me she’s coming by?

Cherie: You know her, she’s such a free spirit. She’s been on her road trip across America for two years. I can’t even imagine staying away from home for that long. The amount of hotels you stay in, ugh!

Aimee: Mom, she’s in an RV. She doesn’t need a hotel.

Cherie: Even worse! Living in a car, how horrible!

Ernesto: Your sister was always a wackadoodle.

Cherie: She is my sister and I love her. I only wish she’d be more reliable.

Ernesto: Yes, love her. Wonderful lady.

Aimee: Dad, how are ya? I didn’t hear you in the background the past couple nights, I was beginning to think that mom kill you.

Ernesto: She’d like to sometimes.

Cherie: Aimee, I don’t mean to break anything up but when I mean that Aunt Victoria is visiting, I mean now. She’s on her way. She’s flying in now. 

Aimee: She’s flying in? Huh? Isn’t she in her RV?

Cherie: That broke down somewhere around Detroit. She tried out Uber for the first time and stayed at Ramada. She didn’t enjoy that and decided to visit you.

Aimee: No wonder she didn’t tell me weeks ago she was coming. It was a spur of the moment thing, she only came here to mooch off of me while her RV is getting fixed.

Cherie: I don’t think it’s that, your aunt loves you.

Aimee: Does she? She forgot my birthday.

Cherie: She forgets her own birthday!

Aimee: I’m still happy to see her. When do I need to pick her up?

Cherie: I said now.

Aimee: Now now? As in, right now?

Cherie: Yes, get to the airport!

Aimee: Which one?

Cherie: The one named after the greatest public servant this country has ever had.

Aimee: Reagan?

Cherie: Yep. It’s gonna kill her to fly into an airport named after him! Brings me such delight! Good luck with her, Aimee. Talk to you later!

Cherie hangs up.

Aimee: Okay. Let’s go, girls!

Lynette: Go where?

Aimee: Don’t you listen?

Lynette: I was daydreaming.

Aimee: Of course you were. Carolyn, wanna go with me

Carolyn: I have nothing better to do, so, yes.

Lynette: I have to get to an Appropriations Committee hearing.

Aimee: That’s happening today?

Lynette: Yeah, actually it’s starting right now.

Aimee: Fill me in when I get back and tell Ben I’m sorry for missing it but family comes first!

Lynette: Will do, good luck.

Carolyn: One second, Lynette.

Lynette: Yeah? Hurry, please. I don’t care about being on time, but I at least try to be.

Carolyn: You’re chair of the House Republican Conference. How do you even have so much time to spend with us all the time? Leadership had a meeting today just like they always do on Wednesdays, but you were with me at Aimee’s office all morning.

Lynette: How would you know that, Carolyn?

Carolyn: It my job before it was yours!

Lynette: Okay, I forgot the meeting. I was just so excited to talk to Aimee about her Senate campaign! Now, see you two later. Good luck with the niece!

Aimee: She’s my aunt!

Lynette: Yep, that.

Carolyn: There’s something wrong with that woman.

Aimee: She’s leaving the House, she doesn’t care.

Carolyn: You care.

Aimee: I’m going to pick up my aunt instead of going to a hearing for the most powerful House committee. I don’t really care either!

Carolyn: Okay, let’s go pick up Aunt Viv.

Aimee: Aunt Victoria!

Carolyn: Close enough.

At the airport…

Carolyn: Honey, is that -

Aimee: Aunt Victoria?

Carolyn: Yeah…

Aimee: You mean the woman in cheetah print and a Kentucky Derby hat?

Carolyn: You know that’s the person I mean.

Aimee: Yes, that is her.

Victoria: Aimee! Darling! It’s been so long!

Aimee: Aunt Victoria, I’m so happy to see you.

Victoria: Honey, I have missed you more that words can describe. Talking on the phone just isn’t the same!

Aimee: I agree!

Victoria: Who’s your friend?

Carolyn: Carolyn Mackenzie Roy, Congresswoman for Washington’s 5th and great Congressional District, nice to meet ya!

Victoria: Is that Aimee’s district?

Aimee: No, I’m the Congresswoman from my district.

Victoria: That’s right! One representative per district, I forget sometimes. You know I’m forgetful.

Aimee: Carolyn has been my mentor for so many years and my closest friend for almost as long. She’s made this crazy DC experience so much better for me. I’m so glad you’re finally getting to meet.

Victoria: I can’t believe in your ten years in Congress, this is the first time I’m coming to see you in DC!

Aimee: You haven’t been shy about how uncomfortable my career has made you.

Victoria: Uncomfortable? No way! I’m very proud of you! You’re the only Republican I’ve ever considered donating to.

Aimee: Considered?

Victoria: You’re a conservative, dear. My love has limits.

Aimee: See! It makes you uncomfortable. You’d be much more supportive if Kimmy was the one in Congress.

Victoria: Are you kidding? Kimmy can barely dress herself. I’ll take a Republican over that any day.

Carolyn: We’re getting somewhere now.

Aimee: I think this is enough political talk for today. Let’s go back to my place and relax and catch up.

Victoria: Where is your place? I’ve never seen any pictures of it.

Aimee: Okay, so, this is going to complicate the “no politics talk” rule, but my place is my office.

Victoria: I mean where do you sleep?

Carolyn: Her office.

Victoria: Why? Why would anyone sleep in their office?

Aimee: It’s not what it sounds like. I have a bed, I have a toilet, I have a fridge, I have everything I need.

Victoria: How do you bathe?

Aimee: We shower in the basement.

Carolyn: I tell her all the time, she can stay at my place if she wants.

Aimee: I like it like this! I’m not some elitist, I go to sleep, wake up, roll out of bed and jump right back into working for the people. It’s fun. Of course, I won’t miss it once I retire.

Victoria: You’re retiring?

Aimee: We have so much to catch up on.

Carolyn: You’ll have plenty of time, too, since you won’t be able to fall asleep on that little cot she has in her office.

Aimee: Yes, she will! It’s comfy!

Carolyn: Victoria, if you need somewhere to stay tonight, call me.

Victoria: I will make do with whatever Aimee has.

Carolyn: Your choice. Here’s my number, though.

Back at the Rayburn House Office Building…

Aimee: So, this is where I work, Aunt Victoria.

Victoria: It’s so pretty.

Carolyn: I don’t know if I’d call it pretty.

Victoria: Look at the pretty architecture, it’s so historical and elegant. Think of the history in this building.

Carolyn: You know, prior to popular belief, the Rayburn was only built in 1965. You’re older than the building, so are most of the people that work in it.

Victoria: Are you calling me old?

Carolyn: No, not at all! I’m just saying the building is young.

Victoria: Is that Speaker Peretti over there?

Aimee: Her office is in this building. It could be her. I can’t tell from just seeing the back of her.

Nanette: Congresswoman Ferrera Donahue, how are you?

Aimee: Yes, it’s her.

Victoria: Speaker Peretti, I am such a Hugh fan of yours. Thank you for all the work you do to help resist President Delphy’s extremist agenda.

Nanette: It’s always so nice to meet loyal supporters. Grassroots voters like you are the only reason I’m even here.

Carolyn: Save the stump speech, Nan. This is Aimee’s grandmother.

Victoria: I’m her aunt.

Carolyn: Sorry, wrong word came out.

Victoria: You do think I’m old!

Nanette: You’re not old at all! You’re young at heart just like me and we can make a different no matter what year we were born in. What’s your name?

Victoria: Victoria Rutter. I’m so proud to be Aimee’s favorite aunt.

Aimee: I never said you were my favorite. Don’t tell aunt Margarita that.

Nanette: Victoria, your niece is a wonderful, kind woman. We don’t agree on much but she’s always been a doll. 

Victoria: That’s my Aimee!

Aimee: You say that, but come election time, I’m always a big bad Republican who’s going to take away healthcare and give the millionaires a free ride while being the handmaid of the far-right.

Nanette: That’s just the business, Aimee. Come on, I’ve heard you say some nasty stuff about me on the stump.

Aimee: It is just business.

Victoria: Speaker Peretti, Aimee’s looking at me like we need to go.

Aimee: We do need to go.

Nanette: It was great to meet you! Be good to her, Aimee. Carolyn, stop making her feel old.

Carolyn: It was an accident!

Victoria: Madam Speaker, before my niece drags me off, could we get a picture together?

Nanette: I would be honored.

Aimee: Give me your phone, aunt Victoria.

Victoria: Why? I have a flip phone. It doesn’t take pictures.

Aimee: You have a what? It’s 2022.

Victoria: I never bought into technology very much

Aimee: How are we getting this picture?

Carolyn: Use your phone!

Aimee: Gee, thanks.

Victoria: Come on, Aimee. I’d really appreciate it.

Nanette: Yeah, do it for your aunt!

Aimee: Okay, but when my primary challenger hacks my phone and sees a picture of my aunt grinning with Nanette Peretti, I’m going to be pissed.

Carolyn: You’re not going to have any more primary challengers.

Aimee: Oh, yeah. That’s right. Then we’re good!

Nanette: Smile and say “protect Planned Parenthood!”

Aimee: Why, I oughta-

Nanette: Kidding!

Aimee takes the picture and they head to her office.

Aimee: So, what do you think?

Victoria: I think it’s ver-

Aimee: Oh, Lynette!

Victor: And Victor! Everyone always forgets ole’ Victor!

Victoria: Victor Mulcahy?

Victor: As I live and breathe.

Victoria: It takes a lot of nerve for you to show up here.

Victor: Excuse me?

Victoria: You try to take away people’s healthcare, which my niece stood up against, you try to pass bills against immigrants, you don’t stand up against these racist radicals taking over your party and you kowtow to their every whim. You’re a coward and a monster and you embarrass the great state of California, where I was born, each and every day. Get out of my niece’s office and get out of my sight.

Victor: Aimee, are you going to let this ludicrous woman speak to me like this?

Carolyn: Is this the Aunt Victoria who I’ve been hearing so much about?

Aimee: It sure is!

Victor: Disregard my prior comment.

Victoria: Not so fast, buddy.

Aimee: Shut up. All of you. Please shut up.

Lynette: Everyone, breathe in, breathe out. It’s all right. We’re all friends.

Victoria: Are you Lynette Chafee?

Lynette: I’m afraid and I don't know how to answer that.

Victoria: Your father is a criminal. You know that, right? What he did to this country is unforgivable. I spent weeks of my life protesting against the horrible policies he helped enact when he was Vice President.

Lynette: Glad you’re a fan.

Victoria: Aimee, how do you hang out with these people?

Aimee: I-

Alec: Just popping in to see if Aunt Victoria is here yet!

Carolyn: Run while you still can!

Alec: Huh? Why?

Carolyn: Do it.

Alec: Okay, guess I’ll go to lunch.

Carolyn: You can eat from the garbage and it would be more pleasurable than this.

Aimee: Aunt Victoria, we don’t agree on politics. My friends don’t agree with you on politics. I have friends on your side of the aisle, too. We can disagree on policy without despising one another.

Victoria: You sound like you’re in a debate. I’m your aunt, not a moderator!

Victor: I think this is a private matter between the two of you, we should go.

Victoria: Sit down. I’m not done with you.

Victor: Okay, okay. Guess I’m not leaving.

Aimee: No, leave.

Victor: Don’t have to tell me twice.

Aimee: All of you, go. Carolyn, please wait outside, okay?

Carolyn: Will do, sweetie. Good luck, don’t kill your mom. I mean, aunt.

Victor: Lovely meeting you.

Lynette: My father is the greatest man I ever knew and if you met him, you’d say the same!

Aimee: Guys, go!

Victor: See you later, Aimee. I still have something to talk to you about so maybe in an hour or two

Aimee: Yes, fine. See ya then.

Victor, Lynette and Carolyn exit the office and close the door behind her.

Aimee: Aunt Victoria, I need you to know that I love you even if we don’t agree. Okay?

Victoria: Yes. I love you, too. I just get so passionate, you know that. I spend all day watching TV and hearing about what these people are doing and it gets me so upset.

Aimee: I’m gonna be honest with you. I need you to take that hat off because it’s so distracting.

Victoria: It’s my favorite hat.

Aimee: You look like you own Secretariat.

Victoria: I wish, then I’d be rich.

Aimee: Anyway, I need you to apologize to my friends. You can believe what you want to about their politics but they’re the best people I know. See them as people, not politicians.

Victoria: I like Carolyn.

Aimee: That’s because you don’t know about her politics.

Victoria: Are they bad?

Aimee: She’s more conservative than I am.

Victoria: Good lord.

Aimee: I need to get back to work. I don’t think you should stay here, tonight. Okay?

Victoria: What? Where would I stay?

Aimee: You know how I asked Carolyn to wait up?

Victoria: Oh, I like her. I’ll stay with her.

Aimee: Okay. Let me tell her. I’m sure she’ll gladly take you home with her at the end of the day.

Aimee opens up the door to see Lynette, Victoria and Carolyn all standing there.

Victor: I wanted to see how this ended.

Lynette: So did I!

Aimee: Carolyn, can I speak to you in private?

Carolyn: Sure, why not?

Aimee: Aunt Victoria, can you wait in the hall without staring any trouble?

Victoria: Yes…

Victoria leaves and Aimee closes the door.

Carolyn: What’s up?

Aimee: I need you to take my aunt home with you tonight. She can’t stay here. I need a break.

Carolyn: Will she kill me in my sleep? I find that those who dress in head-to-toe animal print are often a bit unstable. You know, Carole Baskin for one.

Aimee: She’s not going to kill you.

Carolyn: If she does, I will haunt you. But I’ll let her stay. I love getting use out of my guest room!

Aimee: Thank you so much!

Aimee opens the door.

Victoria: I saw you on TV just last week and you were saying that climate change was a hoax because it still snows outside!

Geraldine: That wasn’t me!

Victoria: You surely were the one who tweeted about bringing her gun to work with her.

Geraldine: You wanna see it? I have it on me right now.

Aimee: Oh my god!

Geraldine: Aimee, control your aunt!

Aimee: Oh my god!

Lynette: Breathe in, breathe out.

Aimee: That doesn’t help!

Victor: I’m going now.

Six hours later, after work is finished for the day, Aimee calls Dave.

Aimee: Dave! I’m so glad to talk to someone I can stand!

Dave: Honey, you sound upset. Did something happen today?

Aimee: You don’t know the half of it. I’m so tired.

Dave: It’s six o’clock your time. How bad of a day was it?

Aimee: It wasn’t good. My aunt, Victoria, came to visit and bless her heart, I love that woman, but she’s a lot. She got into an argument with Victor and Lynette and, somehow, Geraldine McAllister. It was unbearable!

Dave: Wow, that’s crazy!

Aimee: I know, I can’t believe she acted that way!

Dave: I can’t believe she didn’t argue with Carolyn.

Aimee: We got time.

Dave: How can I help you?

Aimee: Always pick up the phone when I call. It may stop me from committing homicide.

Dave: Will do!

The next afternoon, Victoria surprises Aimee at her office.

Victoria: Aimee…

Aimee: Carolyn told me about you yelling at Maurine Talbot Redford on your way out of the building yesterday.

Victoria: I’m sorry, Aimee.

Aimee: No, that I actually approve of. The woman’s a fascist.

Victoria: We agree!

Aimee: We agree on a lot more than you give us credit for.

Victoria: I went in to see Lynette and Victor today. I apologized to them and we talked. They do seem nice. They’ll never be my best buddies and I’ll always be mad at the things they do in office, but I can see them as people now.

Aimee: I’m very proud of you. I didn’t think you had it in me.

Victoria: Carolyn helped convince me. Sometimes it’s just good to see the good in people.

Aimee: So, that all you came here to say?

Victoria: Not quite.

Aimee: What else did you do?

Victoria: I’ve made a decision. Yesterday was crazy and nuts but it was also very fun. Reconnecting with you made me feel whole again.

Aimee: So you’ve decided that you still love me?

Victoria: I’ve always loved you. No, I’ve decided that I’m finally settling back down. Here in Washington.

Aimee: The district? Or the state I live in?

Victoria: Which one are we currently in?

Aimee: You’re moving to DC?

Victoria: Yes, Aimee. In the words of Karen Carpenter, god rest her soul, I long to be close to you.

Aimee: Yesterday was a lot to deal with, but if you stay on your best behavior, I think this will be really good for us.

Victoria: I’m not getting any younger. I need to spend the time I’ve got with the people I love.

Aimee: I completely agree. That’s why I want to ask you something!

Victoria: Fire away!

Aimee: Would you accompany me to my Senate campaign launch? It’s back in Washington State. You’d get to see mom again!

Victoria: I can’t be at a place that would risk my photograph being used by the RNC, Aimee.

Aimee: I took a picture of you with Nanette Peretti and it’s on my cell phone!

Victoria: Okay, I guess I can go.

Aimee: Wonderful! It’s this weekend, that work?

Victoria: I can think of nothing better to do this weekend! I should look for a place to live today and tomorrow, though. Since the weekend’s booked up now.

Aimee: We’re gonna have fun!

Two days later, waiting for the flight back to Washington, Aimee and Victoria are sitting with Aimee’s House colleagues.

Aimee: Aunt Victoria, now that we’re settled in, I think I should introduce you to everyone! This is my dear friend, Margo Schaffer.

Margo: Hi, Victoria. It’s so nice to meet you.

Victoria: What’s your thoughts on gun control?

Margo: For it!

Victoria: I like you already!

Aimee: This is Sharon Balducci. We talk about our kids together all the time.

Sharon: We talk about other things, too. Aimee talks about you sometimes!

Victoria: Good to know!

Aimee: And this guy over here is Doug Newbury.

Doug: I heard about your incident with Maurine. Good going!

Victoria: I’ve seen you on the news. I have some things to say to you.

Aimee: Here we go… 

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