FOX Announces The Masked Surgeon, Dr. Ken Reboot, and More Ken Jeong Projects

Poster art for The Kenpen, now in development on FOX

FOX just can’t get enough of Ken Jeong. The doctor-turned-comedian/actor is a fan favorite on The Masked Singer, and has since gone on to be a panelist on The Masked Dancer and the host of I Can See Your Voice. 

FOX has ordered to series a reboot of Dr. Ken, best known as the only show ever to be renewed despite airing after Last Man Standing. They have also ordered a dance spinoff of I Can See Your Voice, titled I Can See Your Moves. They are also adding to their Masked franchise with The Masked Surgeon, where Ken Jeong, alongside other panelists, will have to guess which costumed celebrity is performing surgery on an ordinary person live on stage. Dr. Ken, I Can See Your Moves, and The Masked Surgeon will all air in the 2021-22 television season.

FOX has also put five additional Ken Jeong projects into development. These are:

-Chang Of Scenery, a spinoff of hit sitcom Community, which focuses on Benjamin Chang (Ken Jeong) as he re-enters Hollywood to have another chance at pursuing a career of acting.

-Young Chang, a prequel to Community focusing on the roots of Benjamin Chang (Ken Jeong) before his arrival at Greendale Community College. 

-Young Ken, a look at Ken Jeong’s life before superstardom. 

-Bless The Jeongs, a spinoff of Bless The Harts that focuses on Ken Jeong and his family in animated form. 

-The Kenpen, an adaptation of TVRG Productions’ The Bullpen starring Ken Jeong.. 

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