ABC Renew/Cancel Week 3: Grey’s Anatomy Is In a Healthy Place

ABC's rollout of their scripted program continued last week as veteran dramas Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 returned from extended hiatuses. Keep on reading to see what my initial predictions are for Shonda Rhimes' shows.

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:

Leans Cancellation:

Leans Renewal:

Likely Renewal:
American Housewife
The Good Doctor

Certain Renewal:
The Conners
The Goldbergs
Grey's Anatomy
Station 19

Coming Soon:
Big Sky
Call Your Mother
For Life
A Million Little Things
The Rookie
Women of the Movement 

Grey's Anatomy: One of the longest-running scripted shows on broadcast, Grey's Anatomy is also one of the strongest, even all these years later. It's hard to imagine many shows on broadcast today that could perform this well over 15 years into its run, but Grey's manages to be one of TV's top scripted shows each week quite easily. After its premiere, it's the second-highest-rated scripted show of the season, just behind This Is Us. At this point, whether the show will continue or not isn't a matter of ratings. Those are great and probably always will be. It really depends on whether star Ellen Pompeo wants to continue with the show. She said a few weeks ago that the show could potentially end this season, but she's said the same thing on a few separate occasions and it's still chugging along, so I'm not taking that into consideration too much. I'm unconvinced that the show will end with so much life left in it, and therefore it begins as a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

Station 19: It hasn't always been a strong performer, but since its move to 8, the firefighter drama has been just that. It averaged a 1.05 in its third season and returned to a 1.2 last week, making it one of the top-rated dramas on television. It's not as sturdy as Grey's Anatomy, but it doesn't have to be. It does extremely well for itself and is well on its way to a fifth season. Barring some unprecedented late-season collapse, it's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll below!

Where would you place Station 19?
Certain Renewal
Likely Renewal
Leans Renewal
Leans Cancellation
Likely Cancellation
Certain Cancellation

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