Marietta Season 3 Episode 6 - When the Yarboroughs Go Marching In

Marietta Season 3 Episode 6
When the Yarboroughs Go Marching In

Tammy: Big news, everybody!
Marietta: Are you running for president in 2024? We could use an elder, elder stateswoman to turn things around and make Delphy a one-termer.
Tammy: Umm… no.
Marietta: Darn. Who will we nominate now?
Tammy: Anyone else. Can I share my news now?
Patty Lynn: Please, yes. Look at poor Eliza over there. She’s joining us for family dinner for the first time and she can’t get a word in edgewise.
Eliza: I’m act-
Tammy: Mitch is moving to New Orleans!
Marietta: What? Why?
Tammy: That’s not quite the reaction I anticipated.
Kathleen: I’m happy for you, Tammy. I always was wondering when you actually saw President Yarborough since you’re here every weekend.
Tammy: We talk on the phone a lot. I actually think it’s improved our relationship a lot. I’m still glad we’re finally going to be living in the same state again, though. I like being able to actually ask him a question in person if I have something to ask, instead of calling and getting a voicemail because he didn’t get to the phone in time or didn’t hear it.
Marietta: Or maybe he just ignores your calls because he doesn’t want to talk.
Tammy: That’s a horrible thing to say. It’s absolutely what he does but it’s still awful to say.
Patty Lynn: Will the President be coming to family dinners with us now that he’s coming to town?
Tammy: You can just call him Mitch, no need to make his ego any bigger. Also, I doubt he’ll come to family dinners. He needs some time away from me.
Patty Lynn: You do work at least eight hours a day.
Tammy: He needs more than that, come on!
Martin: I don’t get more than that away from my wife!
Kathleen: You should.
Patty Lynn: Come one, tell him to come!
Marietta: Yeah, if we can invite Amy to family dinner, we can obviously invite the former President of the United States!
Amy: I take offense to that.
Marietta: You were supposed to. Really though, your growth has been tremendous. You went from the opponent that I despised to the lady that appointed herself as my press secretary to someone I tolerate just enough to call “family.”
Amy: I feel honored to be here.
Martin: You should. After all, you get to be here even as my own grandson doesn’t show up. This is an exclusive club.
Eliza: We’re hon-
Elena: We’re glad to finally be here.
Eliza: I was sa-
Elena: I said it faster.
Marietta: Somehow this question was never asked: when is Mitch moving here?
Tammy: How did I not mention this? Next week!
Marietta: Oh, wow. That’s quick.
Martin: Will he need help moving in? Milton and I can help out.
Milton: No we will not! I’ll help, you’re eighty.
Marietta: Yeah, dad. You can’t do hard work like that. Amy can do it.
Amy: What? Why me?
Marietta: You want to be family? This is family.
Three days later…
Tammy: Milton, thank you so much for coming to help. Mitch shipped so many boxes from New York, I never could’ve gotten all this stuff loaded into the car without you.
Milton: You’re welcome. Any time you need help, I’ll be here for you. Unless I’m in DC, of course.
Marietta: We get it, you’re a senator now. Jesus.
Patty Lynn: I’m helping, too.
Kathleen: Helping in what sense? We’ve just been sitting in the car watching them.
Marietta: Why are you guys here, actually?
Milton: They called me and asked to take them to the mall because dad’s at the eye doctor and Kathleen’s car is in the shop. I couldn't think of an excuse so I agreed to do it.
Patty Lynn: I got a new candle!
Marietta: Of course you did.
Patty Lynn: It smells like pine!
Kathleen: You didn’t get that one, you got the holly candle.
Patty Lynn: They’re both Christmas smells, same thing.
Tammy: Marietta, I gotta thank you again for letting Mitch move into your house with me. I promise it’s not a forever thing. We will leave eventually. Once you’re done as mayor, of course.
Marietta: Oh, I’m never leaving as mayor. I’m gonna have term limits abolished so I can keep running. Not because I love the job, I just love the house you get with it. Plus, who else in this city would I be okay with being in charge? Amy? I think not.
Amy: Hey!
Marietta: I like ya, but I don’t know how you’d be as mayor, you know? You have to agree.
Amy: What? Of course, I don’t! I ran for mayor two years ago.
Marietta: And that was obviously a mistake as I’m sure you realize.
Tammy: Marietta, can you stop insulting our friend and unlock the front door for me?
Marietta: Can I have the keys?
Tammy: Don’t you have. Key on your key ring? It is your house.
Marietta: Then I need to get it out of my pocket. You’re always so picky.
Tammy: Do you guys see what I put up with?
Milton: I already knew. She’s nuts. It’s why I love her. Also why it’s probably better that I’m the one making laws in DC while she’s working here in New Orleans.
Marietta: You bastard.
Kathleen: Tammy, I love what you’ve done with the place. The Christmas decorations look lovely.
Patty Lynn: You know I approve of any and all Christmas decorating. Getting it out this long before Thanksgiving is a little extreme, and I like it. I’m usually the only one on my block with them out so early.
Milton: Marietta, get that key so we don’t have to listen to this.
Marietta: Found it!
Milton: Thank god.
Patty Lynn: Y’all are no fun!
Kathleen: So, Tammy, what are you going to do with Mitch’s stuff until he gets here?
Tammy: I am so tired of this house being so empty. I’m gonna finally add some pizazz to it. Mitch sent all of the housing decor that I asked him to, so I’m getting to work on getting it out. Hopefully, it’s done by Saturday.
Patty Lynn: He’s coming on Saturday? Will that impact your attendance at family dinner?
Tammy: I don’t know yet. Probably. He’s not going to want me to leave only two hours after his flight gets in.
Patty Lynn: You can bring him. That offer is still on the table!
Marietta: Mom, she’s trying to let you down easy.
Patty Lynn: Stop putting words in her mouth!
Marietta: Tammy, what say you?
Tammy: I think we should keep bringing boxes into the house!
Marietta: She only gets like this when she’s trying to avoid answering something.
Tammy: I do not!
Patty Lynn: Does that mean you’ll be at family dinner?
Tammy: No, I’m gonna miss this one.
Marietta: An answer! Finally!
Patty Lynn: I’m making a pot roast. It’s not something you’ll want to miss!
Tammy: More for you guys.
Milton: I don’t mean to interrupt this very important talk of a dinner that’s happening in four days, but I’m having somewhat of a hard time carrying all of these boxes myself so I’d appreciate some help.
Tammy: Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot. Yes, I’ll help.
Marietta: Mom? You gonna help?
Kathleen: No.
Patty Lynn: Yes, I will help.
Milton: Good. Maybe at this rate, we can actually get all of the boxes in the house by Saturday.
Four days later, at the airport…
Marietta: When is Mitch going to get here? I’m freezing.
Tammy: You can get in the car, you don’t have to stand out with me.
Marietta: You’re a feeble old woman, I have to stay out to protect you. You might get mugged or something.
Tammy: I’m not some little old lady in a wheelchair. I was the First Lady of the United States, no one’s going to mug me.
Marietta: That’s faulty logic. Famous people get mugged. Look at poor Rick Moranis.
Tammy: Fine. Stay out with me and be cold in this seventy-degree weather.
Marietta: I’ll ask again. Do you know when Mitch will be here?
Tammy: He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. He’s probably just running late.
Marietta: Or maybe someone kidnapped him.
Tammy: Stop watching Lifetime.
Marietta: You’re the one that won’t shut up about wanting to watch Scandal. That’s you. You.
Mitch: The kestrel has landed!
Marietta: The what has landed?
Tammy: Mitch! You’re here! Always right on time.
Mitch: Well… almost. I had to argue with airport security and tell them I didn’t need their help. They wouldn’t listen to me. You think being the former president of the United States would get you some more respect.
Marietta: Why did you call yourself a kestrel?
Mitch: It was my Secret Service code name.
Tammy: Mine was kingfisher.
Marietta: Cool.
Tammy: I thought it was
Mitch: Why is it so hot here? I feel like I’m in hell.
Tammy: You get used to it. Mostly by wearing capris and breezy blouses. Oh, wait. That might not work for you. You’ll find something cooler to wear. I promise.
Marietta: You know, we’re actually getting out of here earlier than I anticipated. Anyone want to go for lunch? Mitch, I have the perfect meal in mind to welcome you to New Orleans.
Tammy: It’s one o’clock.
Mitch: Tammy, not everyone eats lunch at nine AM like you do.
Tammy: I never eat lunch that early, I’m not a psychopath. At least, not since I moved here.
Marietta: I ruined her.
Tammy: Can’t ruin me if I was always broken.
Mitch: To answer your question, though: I would love to go for lunch. I’m practically starved after that flight, all I had to eat was a horrendous pack of stale pretzels with a club soda because the only drinks they had were that, room temperature water, and alcohol. I could use a good meal.
Marietta: Okay, that’s great. I hope you like olives because we’re going for an old-fashioned muffuletta sandwich. It’s the taste of the French Quarter.
Mitch: Sounds like a plan. I’m always up to try new things, even when those things sound like nonsense words.
Tammy? What? Since when are you open to trying new things?
Mitch: You’ve been away for two years. I had to entertain myself somehow. I tried calamari!
Tammy: So has everyone that’s been to Rhode Island. Did you go to Rhode Island without me?
Mitch: No. That place shouldn’t even be a state.
Tammy: I did go home to New York to see you every few months. Why didn’t you tell me about your newfound adventurous side then?
Mitch: I didn’t want to ruin how you saw me.
Tammy: As a lazy bum stuck in his way? You’re right, that’s every woman’s dream.
At Tammy’s…
Mitch: You’re right, Marietta. This is a helluva sandwich.
Marietta: I know! I force everyone I know to try it at least once. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t love it.
Tammy: Marietta makes me get one for her every week. She eats a quarter of it every day for lunch. Fridays are a challenge but she manages. By which I mean, she goes to the restaurant down the street to order a po' boy.
Marietta: We’re gonna get you one of those, too. You’re here for a while.
Mitch: I must say, it is different here than I imagined. I thought it was a huge party town and that was all there was to it. I was worried about Tammy living here on her own. This area of the city is really quiet and serene. Perfect for me.
Marietta: We love to party here, but we have a little slice of everything. We’re the most diverse community on earth.
Tammy: Do you think I could live in a party town? I’m way too boring for that.
Mitch: You sent me pictures of that Halloween party a few weeks ago, you can party when you want to.
Tammy: And who can forget your second inauguration.
Mitch: When you got drunk and danced with Stevie Nicks!
Tammy: I threw up in the Lincoln Bedroom that night.
Marietta: TMI.
Tammy: It had to be shared. You should feel honored that I chose you to share it with.
Marietta: I’m having fun, you guys! This lunch was nice! And to think, my mom wanted to rush you guys to get to family dinner.
Mitch: Family dinner?
Marietta: Yeah, she made a pot roast. We do it every Saturday since my brother became a senator. It keeps us together.
Tammy: I go with because I’m family.
Mitch: You said we were invited tonight?
Tammy: Yes, but I figu-
Mitch: We should go! I’ve never really met Marietta’s mom or aunt aside from a brief “hello,” I think it would be a nice way to get myself settled.
Marietta: You’re joking, right?
Mitch: No, it would be nice!
Marietta: You’re gonna regret this.
Mitch: No, I won’t. It’ll be fun! 
Tammy: In that case, I’m going to get in the shower. Marietta, don’t eat the rest of my muffuletta.
That night, at Martin and Patty Lynn’s…
Patty Lynn: Oh my god, Tammy! You came! Why didn’t you tell me you changed your mind?
Tammy: Damn, I knew I forgot something. Well, this is my husband, Mitch, everybody!
Patty Lynn: Mr. President, I am so excited to meet you!
Mitch: Just call me Mitch, if you don’t mind.
Patty Lynn: That’s right. Welcome to our home, Mitch.
Kathleen: You’re gonna want to turn back before you’re in too deep. This is an asylum.
Mitch: Marietta said the same thing. I’m not scared.
Milton: I’m so excited to see you again! Meeting you changed my life.
Mitch: We’ve met?
Milton: Yes, in 1991. It was your first run for President and I met you as a young state legislator. I was a bit disillusioned but you convinced me to keep up my work and I did.
Mitch: Now you're a Democratic senator from Louisiana. Practically a unicorn. I’m glad you took my advice, kid.
Milton: He just called me kid! I feel so young!
Marietta: You’re not.
Martin: Mitch, it’s so great to see you again. I still remember our cabinet meetings when I was your Secretary of Transportation. I worked under three presidents but you’re the only one that managed to make cabinet meetings enjoyable. I’ve missed you!
Mitch: I’ve missed you, too. It’s lovely to finally meet your whole family. I knew they’d be great, just based on my time with you and Marietta.
Martin: You should come sit down, Patty Lynn made a big feast for us all and it’ll be out momentarily.
Kathleen: She did turn the crockpot on this time, right?
Patty Lynn: Obviously, yes.
Kathleen: You never know with you.
Tammy: This is what it’s always like here. It’s a fun family dynamic.
Mitch: I love it! I’m so used to dinner parties with your friends being all stuffy and uptight like with Kate and Ellie. I love ‘em, but this is so much better. That’s who I was, this is who I am now. This is what a real American family looks like. This is relatable.
Marietta: Yes, two US Senators, a Representative, a cabinet Secretary, and a city councilor. The Landfields are so relatable. We’re real. Call us, E!
Mitch: You are relatable. This is how I imagine a real family. Joking around, sometimes at one another’s expense, but still laughing and loving each other because it’s all in good fun. I think I’m gonna like it here.
Patty Lynn: Here that, guys? He thinks he’s gonna like it here.
Eliza: You make us all fe-
Patty Lynn: The pot roast is ready! Dinner time!
Martin: Let’s give our new guest his food first.
Mitch: Oh, you don’t have to do that for me.
Martin: Nonsense! Of course, I need to give you your food first. You’re new here, you need to be given a warm welcome.
Amy: I didn’t get my food first at my first family dinner.
Marietta: That’s because you’re Amy. Any questions?
Tammy: I must say, you guys. This is really a dream. My second family and my husband all getting along so well. Also Amy.
Amy: Is this “pick on Amy day” or something?
Eliza: At least you get t-
Patty Lynn: I hope we get to do this every week. It bonds us all together.
Milton: Though, the more people we invite, the less time you all get to spend with me and that was the point of these. I can make an exception for President Yarborough, though.
Tammy: Don’t worry. I’ll drag him to all of these from now on. He’s gonna be a member of this family by the end of 2020.

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