5 Takeaways from the Latest Ratings for Newsmax TV

Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday
Source: Newsmax TV via YouTube

On Wednesday, November 25, Newsmax TV’s ratings were high enough to be publicly available. Below is a table of the shows which placed among the top 150 cable shows that night, as well as their A18-49 rating and total viewers, presented in millions. The table also indicates the time at which the program aired. Please note that American Agenda is a two-hour program. 



Total Viewers

American Agenda

2 pm



Greg Kelly Reports

7 pm



Spicer & Co

6 pm



The Chris Salcedo Show

5 pm



The Howie Carr Show

4 pm



John Bachman Now

12 pm



1. Viewership Rises Throughout The Day

If you look at the Total Viewers column of the table, you will notice that the later the show airs, the more viewers it has. At 7 pm, Greg Kelly Reports received more than double the viewers as noon’s John Bachman Now. This makes intuitive sense in that more people become free of obligations as the sun sets. 

2. A18-49 Stays Steady

With the exception of American Agenda, every program in this table received a 0.04 rating in the A18-49 demographic. This demonstrates that Newsmax TV has a stable A18-49 audience throughout the day. Generally speaking, this is good news for advertisers, who will therefore have flexibility as to when they would like their ad(s) to run. 

3. Greg Kelly Reports Is Likely Hurting FOX News’ The Story

The Story with Martha MacCallum, FOX News’ 7 pm program, remains the lowest-rated prime time cable news program across FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. Greg Kelly Reports, meanwhile, is Newsmax TV’s most-viewed program. While The Story’s 1.376 million viewers is almost double Kelly’s 739,000, keep in mind the variance in the two networks’ reaches, as well as the overall ratings trajectories. Given the rise of Greg Kelly Reports and the fall of The Story are happening at the same time, it is safe to say some viewers are making the switch from FOX News to Newsmax TV. Whether the change is permanent remains to be seen. 

4. All things considered, Sean Spicer’s show isn’t doing great.

Sure, Spicer & Co had more viewers than The Chris Salcedo Show—but not by much. Remember, Spicer is one of the former press secretaries to Donald Trump. He was portrayed by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live on several occasions. He made an appearance at the Emmys in 2017. He came in sixth place on Dancing With The Stars, with audience votes defying the judges’ low scores each and every week. While his Newsmax TV show is not flopping, he’s arguably their biggest name, and shows be doing a bit better. 

5. Newsmax TV should not be underestimated.

Yes, Newsmax TV has benefitted from the election. Namely, President Trump’s language surrounding it (more about that here.) This rise in ratings has been weeks in the making, and show no signs of slowing down. This is not a phenomenon that happened for a few days before going away. While it is unknown what Newsmax TV’s ratings will look like under a Biden Presidency, they have found an audience seeking a nonstop approval of Trumpism. Newsmax TV is the product of a one-term President unlike any other. 

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