Marietta Season 3 Episode 7 - The Night the Lights Went Out in N’Awlins

Marietta Season 3 Episode 7
The Night the Lights Went Out in N'Awlins

Marietta is on the phone with Patty Lynn.
Patty Lynn: Are you ready for next week?
Marietta: I guess. What’s next week, again?
Patty Lynn: Thanksgiving, silly!
Marietta: Oh, god. They’re doing that this year?
Patty Lynn: Of course they are! Why would there not be Thanksgiving this year?
Marietta: What the hell is there to be thankful for? This year sucked!
Patty Lynn: You’re still alive! I’m still alive! Milton won his election! Kyle and Maria got married! Plenty of good things happened.
Marietta: I’m getting a divorce, we elected a racist wannabe dictator to succeed our current corrupt buffoon of a president, and to top it all off, I never got to try those tiramisu Oreos that came out. This year was bad.
Patty Lynn: Still, there’s always some reason to celebrate.
Marietta: I know, that’s why I’m coming to your house. I’m just warning you, I’m not going to be in a very thankful mood.
Patty Lynn: I’m okay with that. As long as you come, that’s enough of a gift. I would appreciate if you brought some sort of a side, though.
Marietta: Can I bring one of those new canned Thanksgiving dinners that they’re selling at the store?
Patty Lynn: You bringing that is the only reason I would ever not let you in for dinner.
Martin: I wanted to try one of those.
Patty Lynn: Martin, you be quiet back there.
Marietta: Who else is coming to dinner next week?
Patty Lynn: Tammy and the President, Amy and her husband whose name I forget -
Martin: It’s Rob.
Kathleen: Isn’t it Don?
Marietta: It’s Ron!
Kathleen: That doesn’t sound right.
Marietta: Hey, am I on speaker phone?
Patty Lynn: Where was I? Amy and Don -
Marietta! Ron!
Patty Lynn: Right. Eliza and Elena and their football team of children, Kyle and Maria -
Marietta: Kyle is coming? Why didn’t he tell me?
Patty Lynn: He just told me today. Maria couldn’t decide whether to come here or go to her parents but they decided to just alternate from year to year and we get them first.
Marietta: That’s nice. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks, I’ve been so busy here, uh, mayoring.
Patty Lynn: That isn’t a word.
Marietta: It is if I say it is.
Patty Lynn: Oh, how could I forget? Milton’s coming with Sarah!
Marietta: I mean, I figured.
Patty Lynn: I tried to tell him to ask Kate and Ellie to come too, but he said no.
Marietta: They do have families also, you know.
Patty Lynn: Who wouldn’t want a New Orleans Thanksgiving?
Marietta: Maybe they can come for Christmas. Your house is going to be Grand Central Terminal anyway.
Patty Lynn: Grand Central whatnow?
Marietta: It’s in New York. I know, I know. Tammy’s influencing me too much. Anyway, that’s a lot of people coming. Tell them to bring sides. I’m busy.
On Thanksgiving…
Marietta: Tammy, can you knock on the door for me? My arms are kinda full. And hot.
Tammy: You should’ve put that stuff in an insulated travel bag. Then you wouldn’t be burning yourself.
Marietta: I don’t have one of those.
Tammy: That’s because you left the one you did have at your house and didn’t bring it to the mayor’s mansion.
Marietta: You’re using my insulated bag?
Tammy: Its not like you were using it.
Marietta: My casserole is getting cold because of you!
Mitch: Ladies, calm down. I’ll knock on the door.
Tammy: That’s not what we were arguing about!
Mitch: It wasn’t? I zoned out.
The door opens.
Martin: We heard you guys out here and figured we’d open the door for you. Welcome to Thanksgiving!
Marietta: Wow, it looks nice in here, dad.
Kathleen: Don’t give him credit! Patty Lynn and I did it all!
Marietta: Wow, you managed to not kill each other just long enough to work together and get this place decorated?
Kathleen: Thanksgiving unites all.
Milton: I don't think that’s true.
Marietta: Milton, you’re here!
Milton: Why is everyone surprised I’m here? It’s Thanksgiving, obviously I’m at home.
Kate: That didn’t stop Ellie and I from showing up.
Marietta: Oh my god, what are you doing here?
Ellie: Patty Lynn invited us and we couldn’t resist.
Kate: Tim wanted to go home to Arkansas to see his parent anyway because I didn’t feel like going anyway because it’s, you know, Arkansas.
Kathleen: Hey! I used to be a congresswoman from Arkansas!
Kate: I didn’t want to go back because the beauty of Arkansas is too much for me to stand. 
Kathleen: You don’t have to lie, I know Arkansas isn’t a place people necessarily see as exciting. I’m still a little pissed at them myself because they voted me out of office.
Martin: In 1980.
Kathleen: Damn that Ronald Reagan!
Marietta: Hey, Ellie, where’s Brian?
Ellie: He got sick in the hotel room.
Marietta: So you left him alone?
Ellie: What else was I going to do? Miss Thanksgiving dinner? I’m not going without turkey. I’m from Massachusetts.
Kate: What does that have to do with anything?
Ellie: The first Thanksgiving was in my state. I have to carry on our time-honored tradition.
Kate: Of eating a turkey?
Ellie: Yes, Katherine.
Kate: Wow, I’m Katherine now. She’s annoyed with me!
Martin: You know, Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird instead of the bald eagle. I wonder if we’d still eat turkey on Thanksgiving if they listened to him.
Milton: Cool story, dad.
Sarah: Dad, when is dinner going to be ready?
Milton: Sarah, it’s noon.
Sarah: So, soon?
Patty Lynn: It’ll be ready in two hours!
Sarah: Ughhhhh.
Milton: I think what you meant to say was “thank you, grandma. Thank you for working so hard to feed all of us.”
Sarah: Yeah, sure.
Patty Lynn: I know she appreciates it, Milton. You don’t have to pry it out of her. I know.
Eliza: We’re here!
Elena: All fourteen of us!
Patty Lynn: There’s not really fourteen of you, right? I can never keep track. I certainly don’t have enough food for fourteen of you so I sure hope it’s a joke.
Eliza: No, just the five of us. The babies don’t eat solid foods like that very ften, so don’t worry about them.
Henrietta: Charlotte’s very ready for her first turkey dinner. She won’t shut up about it.
Marietta: Ah, children. Thank god I only had one.
Kyle: You only have one what?
Marietta: Everyone’s here, time to move on!
Milton: She said she’s glad she stopped after one kid.
Kyle: She’s told me that plenty of times. Now that I have one, I get why.
Marietta: I love you anyway, you little pain in the rear.
Patty Lynn: Kyle’s here!
Martin: You’re late, honey.
Patty Lynn: I’m melting in the kitchen making dinner, sorry I missed our guests arriving.
Kyle: It’s okay, grandma.
Milton: You know what I just realized?
Tammy: Amy isn’t here?
Milton: Amy isn’t here.
Tammy: Marietta said everyone was here and has the nerve to call herself Amy’s friend.
Milton: I’m telling her you forgot about her.
Kate: Lay off her, guys. It’s Thanksgiving.
Milton: Is that an official order from my Senate majority leader?
Kate: Yes.
Milton: Then I’ll lay off of her.
Marietta: Thank you, Kate.
One hour later…
Martin: Is Amy still not here?
Marietta: No, she’s still MIA.
There is a knock on the door.
Kathleen: Oh look, finally someone who knows how to knock.
Marietta: I knocked!
Kathleen: Shockingly, you did. Good job.
Marietta: That was a backhanded compliment but I’ll take it.
Amy: So sorry we’re late, the traffic is crazy today.
Marietta: It is Thanksgiving after all, lots of folks are traveling.
Amy: I wasn’t expecting this, though.
Tammy: Neither were we. I was afraid something happened to you.
Amy: You’re always afraid something happened to me.
Tammy: I know. I just care so much.
Marietta: That’s sweet.
Tammy: Don’t make fun of me.
Marietta: I wasn’t, I was saying ti was sweet.
Tammy: I’m always so sure you’re about to make fun of me, I guess I jumped the gun this time.
Milton: I think that says a lot about Marietta.
Marietta: It says that I’m awesome.
Milton: Does it?
Patty Lynn: Can one of you help in the kitchen instead of bickering?
Martin: I’ll help, dear.
Kathleen: I can help too, dear.
Patty Lynn: Can one of the humans that came out of my birth canal come help me?
Milton: Oh my god, mom!
Kate: There are children present!
Ellie: That is unholy.
Patty Lynn: You people get elected to the Senate and suddenly you’re too high and mighty and can’t hear talk about the female reproductive system.
Marietta: Aren’t you all glad you came to the Landfield Family Thanksgiving?
Ellie: Uh, yeah!
Kate: This is much more interesting than Thanksgiving in Arkansas.
Don: Amy, you never told me your friends were so wild.
Amy: I never knew they were.
Martin: You must be Rob!
Don: What?
The power in the house goes out.
Patty Lynn: AHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Marietta: Did mom just die?
Martin: No, but I’m afraid Thanksgiving dinner just did.
Patty Lynn: It’s ruined! My turkey dinner is ruined! One more hour and we would’ve been eating but now it’s ruined!
Kathleen: What happened?
Eliza: The folks across the street don’t have any power, either.
Elena: No one on the block does.
Marietta: See, mom. We aren’t the only ones that had Thanksgiving dinner ruined. We’re in good company.
Ten minutes later…
Amy: Well, I just got off the phone with the power company. We. Are. Screwed.
Marietta: What? Why?
Amy: The power station had a malfunction. They don’t know when they’re getting power back in the city but it’ll be a while.
Marietta: Does anyone have power?
Amy: People with generators do.
Marietta: And why are we not those people?
Patty Lynn: Marcy Cantor told me that they’re dangerous.
Marietta: You hate Marcy Cantor!
Patty Lynn: She wouldn’t lie to me about this.
Marietta: Wouldn’t she?
Ellie: She did! Now we’re screwed. I left Brian in a hotel room and somehow he’s better off than we are.
Marietta: The curse of 2020 continues!
Tammy: Marietta, you’re the mayor.
Marietta: Yeah, so? I remember what my job is.
Tammy: The entire city that you run is without power. They’re going to want to hear from you
Marietta: Trust me, I am not the person they want to hear from right now.
Tammy: You can comfort people, tell them it’s going to be okay.
Marietta: It’s a power outage, Tammy, not an alien invasion.
Tammy: If it was an alien invasion, you’d be just fine because they only care about people with brains!
Marietta: Those are zombies.
Tammy: Dammit!
Amy: For what it’s worth, I agree with Tammy.
Marietta: It’s not worth much.
Amy: I spoke to the power company and identified myself as working for the mayor’s office, so I got all the information they had. You can call into a radio station or something and brief everyone on what’s going on.
Patty Lynn: What about our Turkey dinner? I worked so hard on it and I want to eat it. I’m starving!
Marietta: It’s one in the afternoon. We’ll find food by dinner time. I know you don’t like it, but we can always get those Thanksgiving dinners in a can.
Patty Lynn: I’d rather eat my foot.
Marietta: Eat your foot, then. I’m going to pick some up for the rest of us. Milton, wanna help?
Martin: What about all of these poor people in the city the won’t have food?
Amy: And what about the radio broadcast?
Marietta: You people are so needy.
Martin: I’m only trying to remind you that there’s many people in this city that are just like us and don’t have food on Thanksgiving now.
Marietta: I know, I know. That’s why I’m annoyed. You appealed to my humanity, which I do have despite what some may say. Now I have to find something to do for these people.
Ellie: Having to help people sure is a bitch.
Tammy: Marietta, I have an idea. Tell me if it works.
Mitch: Oh no, Tammy has an idea. We’re in trouble.
Marietta: What is it?
Tammy: I can call up the president of Croux’s Market and see if I can work out something to pay for free Thanksgiving meals for New Orleanians who need them. Those canned meals could work.
Patty Lynn: I will never eat one of those!
Tammy: You don’t have to. We’re giving them out to other people who need a fresh meal for the holiday.
Marietta: How will we pay for it? The city budget isn’t equipped for such an expense. The council would tie me to a rod and roast me over a fire.
Tammy: Don’t worry about it.
Marietta: I’m the mayor, that’s kind of my job.
Tammy: Don’t worry about it. You have a guardian angel.
Marietta: Huh?
Tammy: I’m saying that I’ll pay for it for you! I can hopefully work out a discounted price for them and then I’ll pay for them. All I need to do is write a book, that will more than cover the cost.
Marietta: That is extremely generous.
Tammy: I’m nice like that.
Patty Lynn: No one has explained what we’re doing about my turkey!
Milton: Mom, it’s gonna be fine. Our closest friends and relatives all came here for a quality meal and we’re going to eat room temperature food out of a can. This is a disaster!
Martin: We can heat it on the grill.
Marietta: I just can’t believe mom finally accepted the dinner in a can.
Patty Lynn: I’m still sad about it, I just live in reality.
Tammy: I guess I should make the call. If they agree, Marietta can make the announcement on the radio and we can send a text to everyone in the city.
Marietta: Would you look at that? Tammy saved Thanksgiving.
Tammy: Tammy might save Thanksgiving. Don’t give me too much credit yet.
Three hours later…
Tammy: A manager of one of the Croux’s Markets stores in the French Quarter just informed me that this has been a swimming success, and that they’re almost out of the free Thanksgiving dinners.
Ellie: Breaking news: People like free things, more at eleven.
Marietta: That joke would’ve made more sense if the news didn’t start at ten here.
Amy: Tammy really saved Thanksgiving!
Patty Lynn: We’re still eating a bird and some stuffing out of a can, this isn’t saved.
Marietta: Oh, mom. Just enjoy the little things.
Eliza: Yeah, we’re together!
Patty Lynn: We can barely see each other.
Eliza: But we’re together!
Kate: Good news, guys!
Marietta: Oh, Kate! I didn’t even realize that you weren’t in the room.
Kate: My heart is truly warmed.
Ellie: What’s your news?
Kate: I talked to the power company and yelled at them that I’m the Senate Majority Leader and they need to obey me and get the power back on. Somehow, that worked.
Marietta: The power still looks out to me.
The power turns back on.
Patty Lynn: Kate saved Thanksgiving! Everyone stop eating this slop, my turkey will be ready in one hour!
Sarah: Do we have to?
Milton: If you don’t want to be grounded.
Marietta: Ah, the Landfield Family Thanksgiving. Can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

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