What In The World! Season 3 Episode 8: Last Team Standing (SEASON FINALE)


Boss and his players soar towards the Phoenix squad whose weapons are raised. Both sides collide and the last battle begins.


Daniel and Boss engage in combat. Daniel deflects Boss’ maces while the others fight off the enemy players. Bailey impales an enemy with her spear. Tyler jumps on players and stabs them in the head. Greg swings his chainsaw and slices multiple players in half. Both sides are evenly matched.


Daniel destroys one of Boss’ maces. Boss pulls out a pistol and shoots at Daniel. Daniel dodges the bullet and throws his tomahawk. The tomahawk destroys the pistol and flies back into Daniel’s hand. Boss jumps onto the upper level.


Daniel runs up the stairs. Bailey and the others continue fighting the other players. Daniel reaches the second level and he and Boss continue fighting. Boss swings his mace with a desperate ferocity. Daniel swings his tomahawk with a determined purpose. Boss is having to deflect Daniel’s hits.

Daniel swings his tomahawk and shatters Boss’s mace. He prepares to swing again but Boss raises his hands. His hands glow green and green electricity shoots out of his hands. Daniel falls to the ground to dodge the blast. He jumps back up and swings the tomahawk at Boss. Boss dodges it and punches Daniel. Daniel swings the tomahawk again, but Boss catches it with his green electrical hands. He squeezes his hands and the tomahawk shatters. The blast knocks Daniel over the side of the balcony and he falls to the ground level.


Bailey and the others continue fighting the players. Joel continues slicing and dicing players. He wields the katana in one hand and his Glocks in the other which he uses to shoot other players.


Daniel stands up. He taps his wrist, and the glowing blue rod materializes in his hands. He looks up at Boss who is staring at him. There is fear in Boss’s eyes. As if he knows what is coming. Boss runs towards a stairwell and begins climbing the stairs towards the roof.


Daniel runs up to the second level and enters the stairwell.




Boss enters on the roof of the Focal. He hides to the side of the entrance. Daniel enters the rooftop and is ambushed by Boss who kicks him in the chest. Daniel falls back and the antivirus flies from his hands and lands a few feet away.


Boss raises his hands and shoots green energy at Daniel. Daniel rolls over to dodge the blasts. He taps his wrist, and a grenade launcher materializes in his hands. He points it at Boss and fires. The projectile hits Boss and there is an explosion. It knocks Boss to the ground. Half of Boss’ body has disintegrated.


Daniel stands up and tosses the grenade launcher aside. He walks over to the antivirus and picks up the blue rod. He limps over to Boss and stands over him.



You know, you're about to die… and you're going to die not knowing

what you are, or should I say were.


Daniel kneels down next to Boss. The two stare at each other.



This is for Hudson and Jacqueline. And everyone else that you killed.


Daniel raises the antivirus and prepares to bring it down. There is a loud BANG and Daniel is thrown backward. A large chunk of his side has disintegrated. Like Jacqueline, he phases in and out of vaporization. With difficulty, he sits up. Standing in front of him and next to Boss, is Adrian Slater.



I can’t allow you to kill him, Daniel.





Adrian kneels down next to Boss.



Shhh, it’s ok. You’ll be fine.


Adrian stands up and walks over to Daniel. He kneels down so that the two are at eye level.



You’re confused. I would be too if I were you. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time. But I do feel that you are owed something of an explanation after everything you’ve been through. I put the virus in the Refugium. My organization is responsible for Boss. Our goal is to destroy this... this insult to the human race and our world. All was going according to plan. Until you and your friends showed up. You all proved to be far more difficult to deal with than originallythought.

Adrian lifts the stump of his arm.



Thank goodness this won’t exist in the real world.


Adrian stands up and walks over to the antivirus. He picks up the blue rod and examines it.



My compliments to the Programmer. I’m sure this would've destroyed our virus. Unfortunately, I can’t let that happen.


Adrian shatters the blue rod in his fist and it dissipates in a flash of blue light. He pulls out a silver orb.



Until Boss is back to full strength, I’m afraid we are going to have to weaken the Refugium another way.


Adrian tosses the silver orb in the air and it floats in midair. It emits a loud shriek and silver energy waves emit from it. The silver waves begin destroying the landscape of Battle Island. Players begin vaporizing along with the surrounding land.



(To Boss)

Now, let’s get you out of here.


Adrian helps Boss’ up to his feet.



Nice knowing you Daniel.


Adrian and Boss disappear. Bailey, Joel, Tyler, and Greg enter onto the rooftop.





Bailey runs over to Daniel, but she disappears.



What in the world-

Joel disappears.





Tyler disappears. Greg looks at Daniel and then also disappears.


The damaged Daniel looks around as Battle Island collapses in upon itself. As the destitution approaches him, he lays down and closes his eyes. His body disappears.




Daniel awakens in his pod. He sits up and begins coughing. He is grabbed out of his pod by masked men and put on a stretcher. A medical technician places an oxygen mask on him and begins wheeling the stretcher down the white hallways. The Programmer wheels next to him trying to keep up.



It’s okay, you can trust them.


The Programmer stops and watches as Daniel is wheeled away by the maskedmen. A man appears next to the Programmer. He wears a grey military uniform. The word LEVEL is stitched across his sleeve



They failed.



I know.



As soon as he is cleared, I want to debrief him and his friends.







In the middle of a barren wasteland, is a cave. Deep in the caverns, is a campsite with hundreds of people looking over computers. In the center are a dozen medical pods, identical to the ones in the Refugium. Only one of themis

inhabited. Inside, lies Adrian Slater. A woman stands next to his pod. She places her hand on his pod.



Well done my love. Well done.


She turns to a soldier.



Prepare to wake him.




Season 4. The Final Season. 2021.

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