Bake Your Heart Out Season 2 Episode 10 - Here You Come Again

Bake Your Heart Out Season 2, Episode 10
Here You Come Again

The gang is walking down the hotel stairs before work.
Frances: You know what I watched last night? Ozark.
Charlotte: How’d you like it?
Frances: Hated it! Didn’t laugh once.
Garry: What? Ozark isn’t a comedy.
Frances: Of course it is. Jason Bateman’s in it. That guy is funny. He doesn’t do drama.
Diane: You can do a drama show even if you’re a comedic actor. I did in the 2013 made-for-TV movie “Axed: The Anita Bradford Story.” It was a film about Lizzie Borden before Lizzie Borden. A woman in mid-1800s Penns-
Sam: No one saw that movie. I didn’t see that movie.
Diane: What? You told me you loved it.
Sam: It aired against Big Brother, I’m sorry.
Diane: I was almost nominated for an Emmy for that movie.
Garry: How are you almost nominated for an Emmy?
Diane: Shut up, Garry!
Garry: I knew that was coming. I just didn’t expect it from you.
Leslie: I’m glad you’re taking your minds off our upcoming visit with Paul. It’s all I’m thinking of.
Sam: That’s today? Damn. I really thought he’d just forget.
Charlotte: Like how Frances wants us to forget her falling off the pier in Chatham and screaming about how a shark was going to kill her.
Frances: I was genuinely frightened and I thought you’d understand that. You were the one that put the idea in my head in the first place.
Leslie: Melanie! How are you? I didn’t even know you worked early mornings like this!
Melanie (groaning): Guys, I’m sorry. I’m not my usual chipper self.
Sam: Oh, come on, Melanie. We have to see Paul today, not you.
Frances: Clearly she’s horrified by seeing us without makeup on.
Melanie: That’s today? I’m so sorry you guys have to go through that. And no, Frances, I think you all look great.
Frances: You’re a bad liar but a sweet person
Melanie slips out of her chair. Sam and Diane help her back up.
Diane: What’s going on with you today?
Melanie: I’m working double shifts all week to make up for my week off last week. I’m starting my day at seven and I’m ending it at eleven. I didn’t get any sleep last night and won’t all week.
Charlotte: This is after one night? I think you’re gonna need those hours cut or something.
Melanie: I can’t ask for my hours to be cut after last week.
Diane: Just stay hydrated. It’s the only other thing you can do to prevent you getting sick besides actually sleeping.
Leslie: I wish we could talk more about this, but we have to get to work. It’s a big day, we can’t be late.
Melanie: I totally understand. It’s not like I’m going anywhere all day.
Diane: I’ll bring you a 5-hour Energy when we get back.
Sam: Do you want to give her a heart attack?
Diane: No, I want to keep her awake.
Melanie: It’s very sweet of you both to care. I’ll take that energy drink whenever I can get it, though - heart be damned!
The gang leaves the hotel, and they arrive at work an hour later.
Frances: That breakfast was really good. I’m glad you recommended it, Garry.
Garry: Did I just hear someone compliment me? First time for everything, I guess.
Sam: I can’t believe you went there without us. They have a crab omelette that you somehow loved enough to have five times before, but never went with us.
Garry: I only discovered it last week, don’t you worry!
Charlotte: I think we should make that our regular breakfast place. It’s better than the regular place.
Diane: Oh, no! I love the Pioneer Wheel.
Charlotte: Change can be good, Diane.
Sam: Not the change that I see walking towards us, though.
Paul: Hey everyone! You look so great. Rhode Island’s doing you all well.
Diane: I’ve gained ten pounds and haven’t dyed my hair once because I forgot my dye in California and they discontinued it. I use 
Paul: You can't tell at all, trust me.
Diane: Never comment on a woman’s weight! Or her hair!
Leslie: Excuse her, she’s insane. Hello Paul! Welcome to our new set here in beautiful Rhode Island. I know you said you wanted to supervise filming while you’re here, so I got you your own dressing room.
Charlotte: It’s a coat closet that has a desk and a couch in it, but it’s lovely.
Paul: I appreciate the warm welcome. Trust me, I know I’m often a jerk to you all, but I’ve been going to therapy. My wife left me about two weeks after you guys left town and I’ve been in therapy since then. It’s really helped repair my social problems and my temper. I’m happy to report that it was even enough for my wife and me to reconcile.
Sam: So well that you’re taking a month-long trip away from her…
Leslie: Congrats! We all look forward to meeting the new and improved Paul.
Sam: Most of us, anyway. Not all of us.
Garry: Are you referring to yourself?
Sam: Why yes, Garry. Yes, I am.
Paul: I get it, I haven’t been a friend to you guys. Trust me, I’m less awful now. I’ll be supportive during this time here.
Diane: I must say, the increased pay really helps me give you another shot.
Paul: That’s the spirit!
Charlotte: You also got us a new friend.
Sam: That’s the only good thing he’s ever done for us.
Leslie: He did put our show on the air and is responsible for hiring us all.
Charlotte: He’s pretty much single-handedly responsible for me being on the show.
Frances: It’s true. I was very against it.
Charlotte: Well, I admire the honesty.
Paul: I’m going to just watch you guys film today and take some notes. I’ll chime in if I have any input, just like always.
Leslie: Sounds good.
Frances: Now please, let us get to hair and makeup. Diane looks like Beetlejuice.
Diane: Hey! I don’t look that bad. My eyes aren't quite that dark.
One hour later…
Leslie: You girls finally ready? The contestants are waiting
Paul: You look great!
Sam: I think we clean up pretty nicely.
Diane: I’m no longer Beetlejuice. Now I look like the dead Geena Davis ghost lady. A lovely improvement.
Leslie: Okay, it’s bread week. You know how major that is.
Paul: This is one of our strangest weeks ratings-wise. Give us some good promo material.
Diane: Will do.
Filming begins.
Diane: Hello and welcome to bread week on Bake Your Heart Out!
Sam: It’s the week that makes or bakes every competitor.
Diane: It determines whether they can rise to the top or if they’ll get leaven behind.
Sam: That was horrible.
Diane: I know.
Paul: Cut!
Leslie: What was that for?
Paul: They were talking about how horrible that was going.
Sam: No, you dingbat. That was banter. We’re giving you promo material.
Paul: Oh, I see. I’m sorry. Continue then.
Leslie: From that point.
Sam: I hope you’re happy, Paul.
Paul: Sorry!
30 minutes later…
Paul: Leslie, can I ask you something?
Leslie: You’ve asked a lot today. Why would that change now?
Paul: Okay, good. I know Frances has the final say over what she gets to choose for the precision bake -
Leslie: I told you, we’re not changing the name from the Judge’s Challenge.
Paul: Just consider it.
Leslie: Now, what were you saying about Frances?
Frances: Yeah. What were you saying about Frances?
Paul: I just think that challah has been overdone on this show and most bakers know how to make it by now. It’s not much of a challenge.
Frances: What, you’re an expert on baking now? How do you know the difference between bread?
Leslie: And how do you know that we have planned for the Judge’s Challenge?
Paul: I have my ways.
Leslie: That frightens me.
Frances: I’m not changing it from challah. Final decision. 
Paul: Okay. I’ll respect your decision.
Frances: Get him under control, Leslie. He’s pissing me off.
Leslie: You’re pissing her off, Paul. She doesn’t like her authority to be questioned.
Paul: I can see that.
On hour later, the judges enter the stage for filming.
Diane: It’s that time again, everyone. Judging time.
Sam: You were all tasked to make a savory and sweet bread with ingredients that you’ve used often over the years.
Diane: Hopefully none of your breads hit a sourdough note with the judges.
Paul: That isn’t the saying.
Leslie: No, they do puns. Remember? Middle-aged moms love it, apparently.
Diane: Holly, by gosh by golly, you’re up first. What did you prepare?
Holly: For my savory bake, I made a garlic and herb ciabatta loaf sprinkled with parmesan.
Charlotte: Give me a piece of that, I can’t wait until you’re finished to dig in.
Paul: That’s very unusual. It presents an unfair advantage to Holly that the other bakers don’t have.
Diane: Charlotte hasn’t eaten today, apparently.
Sam: By the looks of it, she hasn’t eaten all week. She’s devouring that.
Charlotte: So good. So flaky, so rich in flavor.
Frances: Save some for us!
Holly: I’m glad you love it so much. My second is a plum and walnut loaf. Growing up, my grandmother baked with plum all the time and she was the main influence in my baking, so this is a tribute to her in a way.
Garry: You made a different bake with plum this season if I recall. I don’t like when bakers rely too much on one flavor, but this was essentially the challenge so I’ll let it slide.
Paul: Was any of the dialogue necessary?
Leslie: It’s Garry. Of course it wasn’t.
Diane: Up next is Ella with a sour cream and chive bread.
Paul: That sounds horrendous.
Leslie: They can’t hear you but don’t look so clearly disgusted. It’s rude.
Four hours later, at dinner…
Frances: Leslie, are you as exhausted as I am from that?
Leslie: Are you really asking me that?
Garry: He had something to say about everything. Sometimes you should keep notes to yourself.
Sam: I mean, I also thought Charlotte’s pastel dress was horrible, but I didn’t say it.
Charlotte: You hate my dress?
Sam: Honey, you look like an Easter egg.
Leslie: A cute one, though.
Charlotte: At least Paul didn’t say that.
Diane: I actually don’t think he was trying to be mean. He’s just so used to being in charge, he thinks every thought in his head needed to be heard.
Sam: Typical male.
Garry: Hey! I’m not like that1
Sam: Aren’t you? You talk a lot.
Diane: Melanie! Melanie! Are you okay?
Melanie: What? Yes. Thank you for inviting me to dinner with you.
Diane: You’re welcome, but you almost got your lobster roll smeared all over your face and didn’t get to eat any.
Sam: Her body, her choice. If she wants mayonnaise and lobster on her face, then let her.
Melanie: No, I don’t want that at all. I’m just exhausted.
Diane: Obviously. Sam, I wonder about you sometimes.
Frances: Didn’t that energy drink kick in yet?
Melanie: What energy drink?
Frances: Oh god, her memory’s shot now.
Diane: I forgot to give it to her.
Frances: I thought you handed her a bottle when she got in your car. I saw you give her something.
Diane: No, I handed her my phone. I saw the cutest zebra alarm clock that Joanna would love.
Melanie: You did?
Diane: Oh god, now her memory really is shot.
Leslie: Guys, are we forgetting the topic at hand?
Sam: What, Melanie’s exhaustion and potential early-onset Alzheimer’s isn’t concerning to you?
Leslie: Of course it is. We need to get her help.
Melanie: I’m fine, really.
Sam: You look like you took half a bottle of sleeping pills. I’m a celebrity, I know what that looks like.
Leslie: Paul being annoying and overstepping already. That’s the problem. He’s gonna be here for the rest of the season. This isn’t just going away. We’re going to be miserable and we were finally happy. What should we do?
Diane: Get Melanie’s head out of her food? Should we do that?
Frances: Just let her sleep.
Leslie: Is anyone listening to me?
Diane: Yes. I just don’t want our friend to suffocate on seafood.
Charlotte: Leslie, I think the solution here is pretty clear. We need to have a talk with Paul. Tell him he’s overstepping on the set.
Sam: Oh, yes. We all need to jump down his throat and tell him he’s acting like an idiot. As much as I want to annoy him and make him go back to California, that won't happen and he'll just be a grump all day here.
Charlotte: What do you suggest then?
Sam: Leslie can talk to him.
Leslie: Gee, thanks. You just don’t want anything to do with Paul.
Sam: That’s true, but not why I think you should do it alone. He knows you best. This is your show. You’re the one that’s gonna have the easiest time telling him to clean up his act.
Garry: I agree with Sam.
Frances: So do I.
Leslie: I can’t believe I really have to do this.
Garry: I can’t believe I had to agree with Sam.
Diane: I can’t believe I’m gonna have to clean lobster bits off a grown woman’s face, but poor Melanie.
Melanie: What?
Diane: Sleep tight, Melanie. You still have time to nap.
Melanie: Okie Dokie.
Leslie: I guess I can talk to Paul. What’s the worst he can do?
Sam: Go back to being a complete ass, I guess. But this isn’t a big improvement on that so let’s just take the risk.
Leslie: Tomorrow, I talk to Paul. Right now, I guess we should eat and maybe get Melanie to the car.
The next day, in Leslie’s office…
Paul: What’s going on? You never ask me to come to your office. It’s always the other way around.
Leslie: Paul, we have a problem.
Paul: What’s the problem?
Leslie closes the door behind Paul.
Paul: You’re scaring me now.
Leslie: I’m not gonna kill you or anything, don’t worry.
Paul: You’re acting in a way that’s making me worry.
Leslie: You really shouldn’t! I just wanted to make you aware of some behavior you exhibited on set yesterday. Some of the cast members didn’t appreciate how you seemingly had a comment for everything and were really negative about the show. We felt like you were trying to change everything to your liking when we do just fine as it is.
Paul: We?
Leslie: Yeah, we. I feel the same way as my cast.
Paul: I was just trying to help. I won't interject as much.
Leslie: As much?
Paul: It’ll be very rare. Only if there’s a major problem.
Leslie: I can accept that.
Paul: I’m glad you brought this up. Like I said, I’ve changed. I wouldn’t want to be upsetting the cast or you.
Leslie: I appreciate that. Now, you can go. I won’t keep you here in my dungeon.
Two hours later, as filming on the episode wraps…
Diane: Alec, Paul, that leaves you as the bottom two for this episode.
Sam: Both of you had off weeks pretty much all around, despite being strong throughout the competition. Bread week got to you.
Diane: It happens to us all! However, one of you must go home and that person, sadly, is…
Sam: Paul, I’m so sorry.
Paul: Wait, wait, wait. Cut! You’re sending home someone with the same name as me? Like that? No big sendoff. Come on, guys!
Leslie: Some things never change.

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