Frances in the Kitchen Season 1 Episode 7 - Halloween in the Kitchen

Frances in the Kitchen Season 1, Episode 7
Halloween in the Kitchen

Frances: Deck the halls with something scary, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.

Jimmy: You’re in a good today mood, Frances. That’s unusual.

Frances: It’s Halloween! You know I love Halloween!

Louise: It’s September. You do know Halloween is in October, right?

Frances: Of course I know that! It’s my favorite holiday!

Jimmy: It’s her favorite because she’s so scary.

Frances grabs a Ghostface mask and puts it over her face.

Frances: I’m not scary! Look at this face!

Jane: Oh my god! Someone call 9-1-1! We’re gonna die!

Frances: It’s me, Frances!

Jane: No you’re not, you killed Frances.

Louise: Jane, calm down. It is Frances.

Jane: Why did you do that? You scared the hell out of me!

Lauren: Come on, let’s go sit down on the couch. You’re still shaking.

Frances: I wasn’t that scary!

Jimmy: Why are you decorating for Halloween now? It’s still far away.

Frances: It’s not that far away, Jimmy. I always decorate this early!

Greg: She really does. Usually, by mid-September, this place looks like Universal Halloween Horror Night.

Frances: Yeah, I’m behind this year. Because of all of you.

Greg: What did I do?

Frances: Not really you. Just the rest of them.

Jimmy: You know, that’s understandable. We are time-consuming.

Frances: Thank you!

Lauren: Speaking of time-consuming, I have some news to share.

Frances: What is it? Are you pregnant?

Louise: She better not be.

Lauren: Don’t worry, I’m not! Good lord.

Greg: Why would you even ask her that?

Frances: Because I’m me.

Lauren: Okay, I want you guys to know that I’m going to be playing Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors at school!

Louise: That’s so great!

Greg: You were the understudy, right?

Lauren: I sure was! I never thought I’d be starring in this, actually. I have a lot to prepare for.

Frances: You killed the original Audrey, right? These theater types don't tend to just give up the roles easily.

Lauren: The original Audrey was at the skate part and fell off the halfpipe and broke her leg and suffered a concussion.

Frances: But were you the one that pushed her? Or did you pay someone else to do it?

Lauren: I think you’ve been watching too many horror movies, lately.

Frances: There is no such thing!

Greg: There is. There really is. I’ve seen Jamie Lee Curtis run away from Michael Myers so much in the past week.

Frances: You say that like it’s bad.

Greg: At this point, I’m having nightmares that he’s chasing me instead of Laurie Strode.

Frances: Again, awesome. I wish I could have dreams like that.

Lauren: In case you guys were wondering, Little Shop of Horrors opens up next Monday. So you won’t be seeing me much this week. Or the weeks after that.

Jimmy: We’re proud of you, kid. You’re gonna kill it.

Lauren: I sure hope so. I have a lot to prove.

Frances: You sure do. You committed assault to get here!

Lauren: On top of all this, I’m working on a short horror film for class. I don’t know how I’ll find the time for it, but I’ll have to.

Frances: Your Aunt Frances can help you out! I’m the queen of Halloween, after all. I’ll help you come up with an idea.

Lauren: Really? That would be great!

Frances: I’ll have to think of some ideas the next day or so and then I’ll let you know. My brain sometimes takes a bit to think of my genius.

The next day, at the studio…

DeAnna: How do I keep running into you at the start of the day?

Jane: Maybe because we all start filming at the same time.

Frances: DeAnna, let me be entirely honest here.

DeAnna: You actually like me? I knew it!

Frances: I’ve been watching horror movies all week and you are still the scariest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And did you get more botox?

DeAnna: This is all-natural!

Frances: Sure.

DeAnna: It is!

Frances: You look like Anjelica Huston in The Witches.

DeAnna: I will take that as a compliment and assume you aren’t talking about when she turns into a scary witch lady.

Frances: You know what they say about assuming.

DeAnna: You really are a nasty woman.

Frances: And you remind me of an elderly Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.

DeAnna: I take that as a compliment, too. She’s an Oscar nominee. And what’s with all the Halloween references? It’s not even October. And your orange and black striped socks and the sweater. My god.

Frances: I like Halloween. And we’re filming a Halloween episode today.

DeAnna: Oh, so you’re weird.

Jane: No, we’re just prepared!

DeAnna: I’m actually filming mine next week, I guess you’re not that weird.

Frances: No one asked you, but, thanks. I don’t feel the same way about you at all.

DeAnna: Look, my coffee’s here! I better get going.

Frances: Have a day. Not a good one, just a day. Your coffee has nothing on my pumpkin tea.

Jane: See ya!

Frances and Jane walk into the set.

Beverly: Look who finally decided to show up!

Jane: We were arguing with DeAnna.

Marcia: When aren’t you?

Jane: Um… That’s a good question.

Frances: We gotta start getting here earlier, that was horrifying.

Jane: She’s even scarier than that ghost mask you have.

Frances: Put some respect on the name of Ghostface from Scream.

Jane: Sorry, Frances.

Beverly: You excited for today’s big Halloween special?

Marcia: God, no.

Frances: What did you just say?

Marcia: I’m not excited for the Halloween special. I hate Halloween!

Frances: Get out. You’re fired. Get out.

Beverly: You’re not fired, do not leave.

Frances: Yes, you are.

Beverly: No.

Marcia: I’m not leaving.

Frances: Damn you, Beverly!

Beverly: No one’s getting fired for not liking Halloween.

Frances: They should. It’s un-American!

Marcia: I just don’t like scary things. No horror movies, no skeletons, no ghosts.

Frances: Our special is never scary! Nothing horror. It’s rated G!

Beverly: PG, actually.

Marcia: I didn’t hate Halloween specials too much until Frances started pranking me every year during them. Five years straight now.

Jane: She scared me, too.

Beverly: She scares us all. That’s her thing.

Frances: It is, and people love it!

Marcia: I respect your love for Halloween but I just prefer Christmas. It makes me happy, not scared!

Beverly: Frances, don’t scare Marcia during this special.

Frances: Fine. She’s wearing a costume, though.

Marcia: I like the costumes. As long as they’re not scary. Who am I this year?

Beverly: Delia from Beetlejuice. Frances will be Barbara and Jane will be Lydia.

Jane: I’m gonna be on TV?

Beverly: Frances demanded it.

Jane: Thank you, Frances!

Frances: No problem! You help complete the costume theme. Now, Beverly, dear Beverly.

Beverly: What do you want?

Frances: Can we get to the filming? I wait all year for this special!

Beverly: Yes, let’s start filming.

Frances: Thank you!

Two hours later…

Frances: Okay, kiddos. We just made the graveyard brownies for the Halloween party. Now, it’s time to make something to drink. We’re gonna make a lovely pumpkin milkshake. Marcia, can you get the ice cream from the freezer?

Marcia: Sure can!

Marcia opens the freezer.

Marcia: Oh my god!!! Why is there a brain in the freezer?

Marcia turns to see Frances holding a giant butcher knife.

Marcia: Oh my god!!!

Frances: Ha! Works every time!

Marcia: I almost had a heart attack.

Jane: Wait, what happened?

Beverly: Cut!

Frances: Oh, come on! That was going so well!

Beverly: You promised.

Frances: You know I’m not good for my word.

Marcia: You really scared me!

Frances: It’s tradition, I’m sorry.

Beverly: Well, it happened, so we’re using that in the special, but never again. Play nice.

Frances: Marcia, I need to teach you to appreciate horror. I’m going to have a movie night tonight. Beverly, you’re coming.

Beverly: Wouldn’t miss it. I do enjoy the annual tradition of Marcia peeing herself from fright, why not see it twice in one day?

Marcia: This might surprise you, but I’ll come. On one condition.

Frances: What would that be?

Marcia: If I make it through the entire movie without leaving the room from fright, you have to stop the annual Halloween prank.

Frances: Okay, I agree.

Marcia: See you tonight, then!

Beverly: Hopefully. There won’t be any movie night without us finishing here. Let’s get back to work!

Frances: Yes, let’s. That brownie looks delicious.

That night…

Frances: Welcome, Marcia!

Greg: I can’t believe you showed up for this. You never watched any horror movie growing up. you were the least-cool older sister ever.

Marcia: I know, I know. I wouldn’t sneak you in for any scary horror movies. No Halloween, no Friday the 13th, no Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Louise: The Rocky Horror Picture Show isn’t a horror movie!

Marcia: It’s in the name. Come on, Louise.

Louise: It’s a musical sci-fi comedy.

Marcia: No.

Louise: I’ve seen it. Every year. For forty years. Trust me, I’m older than dirt. I know The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Marcia: Maybe we should watch that tonight, then.

Frances: Chickening out already. Shame on you!

Marcia: No, let’s watch something freaky! Once Bev is here, of course.

Greg: That might be another year or two.

Jimmy: Is she always late? It feels like she’s always late.

Marcia: Oh my god, she is.

Frances: We could put a movie on now and finish it in time for Beverly to never know we watched it. Then we could watch a second movie!

Marcia: No, we’re not watching two horror movies!

Jimmy: Yeah, some of us have work to do.

Louise: Certainly not you, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Of course not! I was talking about Lauren.

Louise: Honey, how are your rehearsals going?

Lauren: I’m gonna be the best Audrey the Ventura County College for the Performing Arts has ever seen. So, I’m gonna be better than the past two.

Jimmy: Let us hear a few bars of Suddenly, Seymour.

Lauren: I haven’t learned it yet.

Louise: Lord, have mercy.

Frances: How don’t you already know the lyrics? The movie’s a Halloween classic and that is the most beautiful song in any movie ever.

Lauren: I’m young and foolish, I’m sorry.

Beverly: Is the party over yet?

Greg: She made it!

Jimmy: It’s a Halloween miracle!

Louise: No matter how many times you say it, it’s still September.

Frances: Not for long. Thank god!

Marcia: You’re here so early, Bev. Why?

Beverly: I can’t pass up an opportunity to see you scared for one last time.

Jane: Should I put the DVD in?

Frances: Go ahead, yeah.

Marcia: What are we watching tonight, anyway?

Frances: It’s a freaky little movie. Little-known, really.

Marcia: Good lord, just tell me.

Frances: The Exorcist.

Louise: Oh my god, you can not do that to her.

Lauren: I still haven’t brought myself to watch that movie, and I actually love horror films.

Frances: Come on, guys. I’m evil, but not that evil. That movie is horrifying. We’re watching Nightmare on Elm Street.

Greg: Freddy Krueger? Can she handle that?

Marcia: I’m not a child, I can handle a mildly-creepy movie.

Frances: Thank you for not complaining, Marcia. Unlike… some others.

Marcia: No problem. I’m going to be just as calm during this entire movie. I will not be scared.

Beverly: That would be a major letdown, not gonna lie.

Frances: I didn’t rush to finish decorating just for this to not be a terrifying, scarring affair, Marcia. Don’t let us down!

Marcia: We’ll see.

One hour later, there is a knock at the door.

Frances: I’ll get it! I’ve seen this already, anyway.

Marcia: No, I’ll get it. I ordered the pizza, after all.

Frances: So gracious of you. You're really not too scared?

Marcia: No, not at all.

Beverly: So disappointing.

Marcia opens the door. A man dressed in black is standing there.

Marcia: What do you want?

The man strikes Marcia over the head and she falls to the ground. He lifts her up and starts carrying her off.

Frances: What the f*** just happened? Greg, do something!

Greg: What should I do?

Jane: What’s going on?

Beverly: Someone just kidnapped Marcia!

Jane: What?!?!

Lauren: Dad, call the police!

Jimmy: Where’s the phone?

Louise: Here! Call!

Frances: I’m gonna chase after him if none of you will. I gotta do something.

Jane: I’ll come with you.

Frances and Jane run outside.

Frances: Where is he?

Jane: What’s handing in the tree?

Frances: A body! Oh my god, what just happened?

Marcia: I got you!

Frances: Marcia, I’m sorry I failed you. You don’t have to haunt me from behind the grave.

Marcia: No, you idiot. I’m alive and right behind you.

Frances: You are?

Marcia: Look behind you.

Frances: I can’t believe you did that to me!

The entire family walks outside to join them.

Frances: Were you all in on it?

Marcia: Sweet little Lauren gave me the idea. I told her I wanted to prank you and she came up with the whole idea.

Lauren: I got one of my theater friends to play the kidnapper.

Frances: You all knew?

Greg: They forgot to tell me.

Beverly: We did?

Lauren: Sorry Uncle Greg, it was very last minute.

Frances: Good to know you’re genuinely awful in a crisis.

Greg: Were you expecting any different?

Frances: No, not really.

Marcia: Aren’t you impressed? I finally scared you!

Frances: I actually am. This is a great first scare.

Marcia: We should go finish the movie now, I guess. So this can be the final scare.

Frances: Deal’s a deal.

Lauren: By the way, guys. You all just starred in my short film for school.

Frances: We were supposed to work on that together!

Lauren: We did, in a way.

Frances: You really filmed this?

Lauren: Yes, I sure did! My teacher better love it, I really enjoyed this project. More than I thought. After all, my aunts are the ones who inspired it.

Frances: I always did think of myself as influential.

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