Great News Season 2 Fall Finale Review

Great News has been consistently, well, great in its second season. Tonight is the final episode of Great News that will be airing in 2017, before football takes over for it for the news for months. We've still got one more episode though, so let's make it count!

Everyone is pitching stories for the show, and Greg is finding Portia's fiancé Carvell a bit distracting, so he leaves. Then, Chuck comes in and asks a trivia question in exchange for a ticket to a magi show. Carol knows the answer, but doesn't want to go. Katie is meeting with Jeremy, and he asks for her to go with him on a stakeout. She agrees, but she has to cancel plans with Carol. Carvell is screwing around in the office when Chuck comes down to talk to him about how similar they are in regards to their careers. While Carvell was ready to retire, Chuck convinces him to remain a football player. Carvell also agrees to join Chuck at the magic show. Katie cancels her plans with Carol, but Carol is suspicious, so she calls the police and asks to speak with Liam Neeson. When Portia gets home, he finds him playing video games with Chuck. They've become friends, and Portia is not happy about that. Carol asks Greg to drive her home. Her excuse is that she can't see, but contrary to what she says, she IS up to something. Greg takes her to where Katie is, where she admits that she is indeed up to something.

Carol tells Greg that they can leave as soon as they can leave as soon as they know what Katie is doing. He says that she's obviously on a date, and Carol then blurts out that Katie loves him likes him a lot. Katie decides to leave because the stakeout is super boring. Carvell tells Chuck that he doesn't know if he and Portia will ever get married, and Chuck decides that he has to intervene. So he shows Portia some of his old relationship advice tapes. Portia is disgusted by the tapes. She also admits thatches' the one that doesn't want to marry Carvell, and she decides that she has to end the relationship.

Greg calls Carol in to his office, where he tells her that Katie was with Jeremy. He also knows that they'll be going out again that night, so they decide to follow her again. Chuck goes to see Carvell, where Carvell tells him that Portia dumped him. Chuck gets another great idea, and he wants to be Carvell's "love God." Katie and Jeremy are staking out Katie's stakeout, when they see someone pull up in a car. Greg is scared they'll hurt Katie, so he goes to protect her. He is not successful.

Katie and Jeremy are excited that they got their story, and then they kiss. Carol comforts Greg, who is heartbroken. Greg asks Carol to never tell anyone about their stakeout, to which she agrees. Chuck shows Carvell his love advice tapes, but Carvell isn't impressed. Then he stuffs Chuck is a garbage bin for showing both him and Portia those awful tapes. They reconcile, but Chuck falls down the stairs. Katie admits that she lied to Carol and that she likes the guy she was with. Carol lies to her about watching the show they watch together, because she has to keep the secret.

As expected, this was another great episode of Great News. I loved the story with Carol and Chuck, and I laughed so hard at her Greg impression. I also like that we're getting some progress on the potential Katie/Greg relationship, as I've always been interested in those two. Chuck was also hysterical this week, and those godawful tapes were amazing. Wow, this wait is going to be hell.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

What did you think of the fall finale? Is the wait for more Great News going to be as bad for you as it is for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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