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In the last couple of seasons, Christy hasn't had much luck with men, going out on very few dates. However, in this week's episode, she has a romantic interest in a younger classmate.

S5E3 "A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin' Onion"

At the start of the episode, one of Christy's classmates is over at her place to work on a project. The lines of dialogue that show their difference in social class are great, as is when Christy insists that she be involved in the project. Despite their not working well together at first, they go to a bar for a trivia night, where they are both successful and funny. "I'm awesome at trivia, I was raised by a television!"

Christy doesn't see it as an actual date, but it turns out to be, and while she does feel bad initially for leading a woman in the bar to believe that she would set her up with him, that quickly goes away, because Christy really needs this. As Christy heads out to another date with him, she has a hilarious scene with Bonnie, where they act as if Christy were in high school because Bonnie missed out on those years. This story has a funny ending, when Christy ends up really liking the guy's mom, and then in the final scene Bonnie proves to be the complete opposite of his mom.

Bonnie rents an apartment in their building to Natasha, and her presenting the terrible apartment is great, making it seem nice even though, as Jill later puts it, it "looks like a place they take Turkish people for questioning." Natasha gets her daughter back, and Jill is disappointed to be losing her foster daughter, something that I wish we had gotten to see in more depth.

Natasha struggles to be a parent, and she goes to Bonnie telling her that she just wants to drink. This throws Bonnie into a position she's not used to, but she speaks from her own life and she nails it. This is an amazing scene, and it's not the only one in this story. Natasha also talks to Jill, who gives her advice about things like her daughter's friends.

This was a great episode. Christy got to get laid, which she really needs, and her path there was funny. Bonnie got to do things both very much in her element (presenting the apartment) and out of her element (comforting Natasha), and she shines at both, creating both funny and heartfelt moments.

Score: 10/10

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