The Middle S9E8 Review

This week's episode of The Middle has Brick trying to win over a girl, Axl visiting Hutch, and Sue unable to sleep.

S9E8 "Eyes Wide Open"

Brick meets a new girl at his school who hasn't met anyone else yet, so he becomes determined to win her over before she meets anyone else. He gives his parents a script to follow to ensure that a visit to their house goes as best as it can. As he reminds them, "It takes a village to get me a girl." It's funny that Mike is the one that goes along with Brick's plan well, but it makes sense considering how simple his role is compared to Frankie's.

The visit goes well, surprisingly, and it's funny when Brick praises Mike, and Frankie is annoyed because her role was much harder. The girl's first day at school even goes well, but she reveals that she recieved threatening notes from Cindy, which makes Brick excited about getting her back, though Frankie opposes this, considering how much work they put in to making this girl interested in Brick.

Axl, annoyed by his parents, visits Hutch. However, it turns out that their lives are very different. Hutch has a very nice apartment, and wants to make sure that it stays that way. This visit makes Axl realize that Hutch's adult life is what he wants, so when Axl returns home, he decides to take looking for a job seriously.

Sue has a weekend to herself, but after watching Silence of the Lambs, she can't sleep. She tries a lot of tricks, but they don't work. Mike visits her to help her sleep, which is a great way for him to show how much he cares about her, and he tells her about how he would get her to sleep when she was little. This story had a really sweet ending, though it wasn't very funny.

It's a good thing that Brick's story was the biggest one in the episode, because it was easily the funniest. The rest of the episode wasn't that good, except for the ending with Sue and Mike, and it was nice to see Axl grow up some, though there wasn't really ever a moment when Axl was visiting Hutch that made it seem like he would do that.

Score: 7/10

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