Mom S5E4 Review

Christy is applying to law school, but application fees are an issue for her. Also this week, Natasha gets an opportunity, and Jill realizes that there is something wrong.

S5E4 "Fancy Crackers and Giant Women"

In order to help Christy afford to apply to law schools, Bonnie decides the two should cut back on their spending. It's very funny when Bonnie suggests not buying fancy crackers, and Christy responds "Ritz crackers aren't fancy, you're just fooled by the name." In the end, they end up deciding to get rid of cable and Internet.

The women go out for coffee, and Bonnie has many hilarious lines such as "Without Internet, I'm much more aware of the people around me, and I have to say, I don't like it." Bonnie quickly gets tired of not having Internet though, and it's very funny when she tries to get a neighbor's wi-fi password. Allison Janney is very funny this week (she always is, but especially this week), and Bonnie gets many great moments.

When a situation Natasha is handed seems too good to be true, Christy decides to try to keep her from getting her hopes up. Natasha is upset by this, but later realizes that Christy was doing it because she cared when the roles are swapped and Christy talks about applying to Stanford. I hope that Natasha's upcoming move to LA is handled seriously, and isn't just a way to write her off the show.

Jill has a breakdown while shopping because the clothes don't fit her. This leads to some words of wisdom from Marjorie, who says that Jill's alcoholism and now how much food she is eating is all due to something deeper. So, Jill decides to head to a spa, which she describes as a spiritual experience. I hope that this transforms into an arc, instead of just being a way for Jill to disappear for a short while, then reappear not overweight.

Bonnie's initial acceptance of life without Internet and later craving of it is the highlight of the episode, giving Allison Janney a chance to shine. The other parts of the episode weren't as funny, but they provided solid stories, though the ways they concluded have me slightly concerned about where they go from here.

Score: 8/10

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