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After Bonnie is injured, Christy has to take her place as building manager.

S5E5 "Poodle Fuzz and a Twinge of Jealousy"

While Bonnie and Adam are out getting ice cream, Bonnie trips on the curb and injures her ankle. When she gets home, she blames Christy, because she asked her to pick up her dry cleaning. Bonnie is in a wheelchair, which creates some challenges. It's hilarious when Bonnie and Adam try to have sex; Allison Janney gets some great physical comedy in as Bonnie tries to gets to the bedroom.

Christy has to help Bonnie out during this time. An attempt to help her use the bathroom is hilarious. Christy acts as building manager in Bonnie's place, and some of the tenants ask Christy for things that they claim, to Christy's surprise, Bonnie does for them. The funniest moment here is when Christy reads a sexual book to a blind man.

Christy doubts Bonnie's ability to be a good person. She goes to Marjorie and Wendy, who at first doubt that Bonnie could possibly be a good person, but Marjorie then suggests that it's possible. She goes to Adam next, who tells Christy about how Bonnie said she was "so, so sorry" earlier in the day, presented in a hilarious flashback.

Realizing that Bonnie may not be all that bad, Christy makes Bonnie homemade soup, which is a very enjoyable moment. At the end of the episode, Bonnie no longer needs the wheelchair, but pretends that she does in order to get Christy to continue doing things for her. It's a very funny ending, made funnier when Christy reveals that she knows Bonnie was lying, and when Bonnie begs for her not to tell Adam.

This was a funny episode, though it was inconclusive as to whether or not Bonnie truly is a nice person. I also have a hard time believing that Bonnie would do the things the neighbors claimed she did, and we never knew for sure if she did or didn't. However, I don't know how important that is.

Score: 9.5/10

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