Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 6 Review ’The Venue’

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Venue

Left to Right (Melissa Fumero, Andy Samberg, Kevin D'Arcy) photo: John P. Fleenor/FOX

After taking a week off from the Jake & Amy relationship, 'The Venue' shifts back to their looming wedding and re-introduces a familiar face. The A-plot strictly focuses on The Vulture's plans to take away the central couple's wedding venue. First off, it amazes me how Brooklyn Nine-Nine can simply reintroduce a character that has been absent for two full seasons. I truly admire how the series has a recurring cast that never leaves the universe of the show. Ultimately, the story of 'The Venue' is reminiscent of Season 4's The Audit. Both episodes focus on a long-absent character that attempted to ruin the relationship between Jake and Amy. But, this installment works better than the latter since The Vulture has always been an antagonist while Teddy simply acted out-of-character in 'The Audit'. Overall, the Jake-Amy banter was a little over-the-top and corny. Nevertheless, I did enjoy seeing the two of them attempt to praise the Vulture to his finance and how they eventually gave up.

Continuing with the theme of season one callbacks, the B-plot focuses on Boyle and Sgt. Peanut Butters. Overall, I found it really annoying that Boyle continued to be overshadowed by a horse. Sure, he ended up getting his win by the end of the episode, but I don't enjoy it when the writers use him as a punching bag. Regardless, I did like the pair of Rosa & Boyle, and I wish the series would utilize them more.

The C-plot focuses on Terry's ridiculous attempts to make a coworker (Terri) like him after he comes off as arrogant to her. While the story confirms that Jeffords is a really great guy, it really isn't particularly memorable. But, I did enjoy how it tied into the B-plot at the end with the party for Boyle.

Ultimately, 'The Venue' has some good elements, but it is a bit forgettable. The episode mainly suffers from a lack of police work (aside from Boyle & Rosa). Nevertheless, it's not necessarily a bad episode. With that said, it's also not at the top of my list of episodes to rewatch.

Stray Thoughts 
  • That cold opening with the donut holes was the best. Gave me 'Jimmy Jab' vibes.
  • Speaking of the cold opening, it really would've fit better with last week's 'Bad Beat'. Also, last week's cold opening with Boyle becoming best man would've worked well as the cold opening to this one.
  • I seriously hope Hitchcock doesn't show up to the wedding and someone mentions that he's at The Vulture's party.

Grade: C+

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