Speechless S2E7 Review

The DiMeo family prepares for a visit from Maya's mother this Thanksgiving in Speechless's second Thanksgiving episode.


Maya is very concerned about impressing her mother on Thanksgiving. When she arrives, it's somewhat chaotic in the DiMeo house. Jimmy is very upset that he wasn't able to eat a large amount of sushi in an hour, his brother has arrived (about who Maya has a hilarious line: "He's a dentist, he's used to telling stories to people who can't get away."), and Kenneth is arguing with his dad.

Maya wants the kids to be more British for her mother, but J.J. and Dylan are uninterested in doing so. Their grandmother thinks that Taylor and her brother are Dylan and J.J, and Ray goes with it, which leads to some funny moments. When the dinner starts to go wrong, Dylan and J.J. enter, and Dylan is funny being patriotic.

As the dinner falls apart, Jimmy stands up to Maya's mother, which is a great moment. The episode ends with Jimmy trying again at eating the sushi roll. There's a funny line here where Maya insists that he finish it. Also, there is a funny rivalry between J.J. and Taylor's brother that lasts through the entire episode.

While this wasn't a stand-out episode, it was entertaining throughout, and had a nice ending with the family coming together and embracing their chaotic life.

Score: 8.5/10

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