Speechless S2E8 Review

Maya and Jimmy take J.J. on a college visit in this week's Speechless, but J.J. has reasons he is keeping secret for going on this visit.


The episode begins with Kenneth calling a family meeting, and it's funny when he is surprised that no one objects. He calls Maya and Jimmy's attention to the fact that J.J. isn't taking applying to college seriously. J.J. is uninterested, until he suddenly asks his parents to tour a college. However, Dylan discovers his true motives, when she follows him and discovers that he responded to an ad to be in a movie, the third in a "Bikini University" series. J.J. is very entertaining when he meets the girls on the movie and tries to get one to practice a scene with him.

While they think that J.J. is on a students-only tour, Maya tries to find a way that they would be able to afford this college when Jimmy points out how expensive the college is. She tries to prove that she would be able to work a low-level job at the college, but her attempts at working for someone else go very poorly, and it is very entertaining. It is especially funny when she lashes out at the guy who she gets groceries for, especially when he gives her a poor review. It's a story that taps into Maya's character very well, as it challenges her while making it believable due to her motivation to allow J.J. to do what he dreams of.

When Dylan and J.J. spot their parents, they have to act quickly to pretend that they are meeting with people from the college, which is entertaining. However, it doesn't last long, and their secrecy falls apart in a creative way when Maya discovers what he's up to by doing tasks on the set of the movie. It's also great how this leads to J.J. discovering that he has a passion for movies. It's a great ending for the story, and there is a very funny moment in the end when J.J. falls asleep in the car and the family comments on what he is dreaming of.

While the rest of the family goes to visit the college, Ray decides to throw a party. However, this goes horribly wrong when the person he trusted with the guest list drops off his younger brother and his friends. Ray tries to impress the kids, which is very entertaining, but things can't always go well for Ray. The snake that Dylan was hiding but lost shows up, and Ray and one of the kids hide from it, but when Ray discovers that the snake isn't poisonous, he lets the kid pretend he was the one that picked up the snake. It is a sweet ending, Ray choosing to help the kid instead of making himself look good.

Maya was the highlight of the episode this week, in her attempts to prove that she could take directions in order to help J.J. go to what she believes to be the college he really wants to go to. However, the rest of the episode was great too, from J.J's obsession with breasts, to Dylan talking to her secret snakes, to Ray being unaware that parties go on at his school. In addition to these funny moments, the stories have great endings.

Score: 9.5/10

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