Will & Grace Episode 200 Review

The title of this week's Will & Grace mentions Rosario in the title, despite Shelley Morrison not appearing in the episode. Needless to say, I am very scared. Please don't kill Rosario!

Karen is trying to track down Rosario, who is MIA. She gets a call from Rosario, and is told that she is in the hospital. She had a heart attack, but is expected to pull through. Will signed a lease for a new place to work, and Grace isn't pleased that he didn't consult her. She wants him to ask her before making decisions like this. Karen comes in with balloons for Rosario, and announces her plans to throw Rosario a quinceañera. The doctor comes out to tell Karen some bad news: Rosario has passed away. Karen plays it off, but she's clearly upset and she leaves.

Will and Grace arrive at Rosario's funeraleañera. Karen is acting like she's fine, but she clearly isn't. She's verbally abusing Jack, and he's just accepting it. Then, Lorraine Finster arrives. Karen isn't happy that she's there, and she wants her gone. She leaves quickly, but not after hurling many insults. Will and Grace are saying their last goodbyes to Rosario, but they argue about Will's signing of the lease. Grace then accidentally spits her mint into the coffin. Jack doesn't want to sit next to Karen, because he's scared of her horribleness. The three of them then notice something pretty important: Karen is gone.

Jack uses a phone app to find Karen, who is at a bar next door. Karen is drowning her sorrows, with the help of Smitty. He helps cheer her up with a story about being nearly deaf. Grace then comes in to tell her about her mom's death in an effort to cheer Karen up. It does more harm than good though, because Grace starts bawling herself. At the funeral, Jack is talking about how much he loved Rosario, and he's lying his teeth off. He tries to introduce Karen, but she isn't there, so he has to stretch. Literally. Grace comes in to tell the guys that Karen isn't coming, so Jack heads off to get her to attend. She's super mean to him, even more than usual. She asks him to sing and dance, which he does, because he's Jack and he doesn't need any excuse to perform. Will and Grace are still arguing,

Will comes to get Karen now, but instead of trying to talk her into coming, he just hugs her. And Karen likes it! He tells her that the funeral is over, but Rosario is still there if she wants to say goodbye and see her one last time. She finally makes her way there, and she apologizes to Rosario for not being there for the funeral. She says that Rosario was her best friend and her everything, and she gives her her mother's ring that she's been "eyeing for years." She wants to just sit there with her for awhile, so she can remember her "her way."

This was an amazing episode of Will & Grace, the best episode of the season so far. The ending was so touching and sweet, and a great way to say farewell to Rosario. I'll admit that I cried at the ending, because Megan Mullally gave one of her best performances of her career this week. This seriously was an Emmy-worthy performance, and I really hope she'll get a nomination. I'm also so sad that Rosario is gone, because she is amazing and I love her. But if she really had to go, this is the best way imaginable.
My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

What did you think of this episode? Are you sad about Rosario's passing, like I am? Let me know in the comments below!

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