Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 3 Review

I was disappointed with last week's episode of Life in Pieces, but I still enjoyed parts of it and I know that the show can do better. So hopefully it will this week.

In the first story, Heather finds a map for a time capsule in her room. Joan suggests that they go and find it, and Heather and Matt agree. Greg is left out, as he was when they were kids. Later that night, Greg hears Heather and Matt calling for him, and he quickly runs out on Jen. They arrive at the place where the capsule is, and they start looking for it. On their search, Heather brings up children and Matt confesses that he's scared to have kids. They find the location of the time capsule, and immediately find it. It then turns out that it wasn't a map to the time capsule, but a map to where Greg's dead guinea pig was buried. Greg never knew John killed him, all because of Matt. Heather then tells Matt that he has parenting instincts, since he lied to Greg to protect his feelings (AKA because Greg's crying was annoying and Matt didn't want to hear it).

In the second story, Jen arrives late for a meal, and she says that it's because she couldn't get a Lyft. She doesn't know why, but Heather helps her check her rating and it's one star. Jen is super annoyed by this. She sees that Sophia charmed the waitress into getting her a soda, and she decides to use Sophia to charm the drivers. It really helps, and her score goes way up. Sophia knows that they're using each other, her to get ice cream from Jen and Jen to raise her Lyfy rating. Unfortunately, after a millionth ice cream excursion, Sophia falls asleep. Jen holds her own, but Sophia pukes in the car. He reports her for suspension. Not cool, dude. After all, Sophia IS his dead mom's ghost!

In the third story, Joan isn't happy to learn that the lemons in her kitchen are from her neighbor Pam. She's in a war with the neighbors. At least in her mind. Pam invites her over to poker, and they go. At poker, Joan puts up a ton of money. The only problem? She has no idea how to play poker. She's super clueless, and doesn't know any of the poker lingo. (Joan, just listen to the advice of one Mr. Kenny Rogers!) Pam thinks she's won, but Joan has outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted Pam. So she now gets to pick lemons from Pam's tree.

In the fourth story, Joan tells John that the dishwasher repairman stood at the door for 15 minutes yesterday waiting for John to answer, and John never answered. So Tim gives him a hearing test. Tim tells him that his hearing isn't what it used to be, but John refuses together hearing aids. John decides to make everyone speak into a microphone, which is completely ridiculous. Everyone's annoyed by this, and the wire even trips Sophia. Heather says that he looks so stupid, but John (who's nearby) doesn't hear. That night, Joan begs his to put in hearing aids, and he finally agrees. He uses the hearing aids to his advantage, turning the volume down so that he can't hear Tim.

This episode was a huge improvement over the previous two, with all of the stories being really enjoyable. The first two were the weakest, though they were still good. Basically any story with John and/or Joan in it will be hilarious, and this was no exception, with those two stories being the highlight of the episode for sure.
My Score: 9/10
My Grade: A-

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