American Housewife Season 2 Episode 8 Review

American Housewife has had an incredibly strong second season thus far, consistently delivering strong episodes that are funnier than almost everything else on TV. This week's episode brings us back to Katie's chairing of the Spring Gala, as well as showing the war reenactments that Greg always talks about. This is gonna be good.

Greg is talking about how "great" war re-enacting is when Katie walks in to brag about how great she's doing as chair of the Spring Gala. Then, everyone tells her how sucky her items for the gala auction are, so she has to scramble for non-sucky things. Greg tells Taylor that she's going to have to go to a war reenactment with him, and of course she gives him a hard time about it. Anna-Kat also comes along, because she's weird like her dad. Katie talks to Nancy, who donated time at her vacation home the previous year, and she wants her to give it again. Nancy won't do it, so Katie gets annoyed. Greg is super excited about the reenactment, but the girls are forced to be nurses, and they can't do anything fun. Katie complains to Angela and Doris about Nancy, but they tell her that she'll need to give something to these people in return if she wants them to make donations. Tara comes in to brag about Katie's likely failure, but Katie's not going to let that happen. Not if it'll bring Tara joy.

Katie "bumps into" Nancy, but her offer to her is terrible. Oliver comes to save her, and offers her something she can't refuse: sitting at the Bradford family's table. Katie wants to use this on all of the Wesportians, in order to save the auction. At the reenactment, Anna-Kat is having fun masquerading as a morphine-addicted Massachusetts housewife, but Taylor is miserable. Taylor pulls her phone out, but Greg snatches it from her. One of the higher-ups at the reenactment sees Greg with the phone, however, and he demotes his military rank. At home, Taylor complains about not being able to go to school, and Greg isn't pleased to learn that Katie has been sucked into Westport culture by Oliver. While Greg begs her to reconsider, Katie ultimately sides with Oliver. Later, Tara rushes into the restaurant to offer up her timeshare, but Katie declines. Oliver then runs in to tell him that Cooper Bradford may be expelled, meaning potential trouble for Katie's plan.

Katie heads to the school and asks Principal Ablin to let Cooper back in school. She appeals to him by calling each of them "poors" and that they can, for once, use the rich people to their advantage. He gives in. At the reenactment, Anna-Kat is "shot," as are Greg and Taylor. Taylor continues to get shot, but she won't "die." She tells them how ridiculous they all are, putting stickers on people and yelling bang, but not letting women be soldiers.This causes a huge fight with Greg and one of the other men. Many other guys also stand up against him, and he gets "shot" and "dies" too. Greg and Taylor bond over this. When they get home, Greg again tries to get Katie to go to the good side, after she tells him about bribing the principal. She sees the error of her says, and then grounds Cooper. This does not effect him at all.

As always, this was a solid episode, but it was probably my least favorite of the season. Katie's story wasn't really all that strong this week, and I didn't think that it resolved itself all that well. While it still had some funny moments, I really didn't laugh that much at it. Nevertheless, Katy Mixon still delivered a typically wonderful performance. Greg's story, however, was very good. I really loved it and thought it was quite unique. Diedrich Bader is just so great, and this was a story that really let his shine.
My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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