Mom Season 5 Premiere Review

In the fifth season premiere of Mom, Bonnie's relationship with Adam takes another step forward, though Bonnie is worried about it.

S5E1 "Twinkle Lights and Grandma Shoes"

Christy is studying for her LSATs, but she is getting bothered constantly. First it's by Bonnie, who keeps making noises, and Christy becomes irritated with everything that she does. At first, I sympathize with Christy here, but she ends up becoming a bit too sensitive. Then, Natasha, the mother of Jill's foster child, comes needing Christy's help. Christy reluctantly helps her, and, despite all her stressing, gets a solid score on the LSAT.

It's funny when she tells Bonnie about how she did on the test: "I always knew you could barely do it." "Thanks Mom, you were always barely there to me." However, Christy doesn't take any real steps to ensure she does well to make this story interesting, and it isn't really shown how Natasha gets a job, so the conclusions here feel like they were just placed there.

Adam returns home early, and it's funny when Bonnie answers the door while not looking good and freaks out. He reveals to Christy that he is going to ask Bonnie to marry him. Christy helps Adam with a plan, but when the time comes things go wrong. Bonnie says yes, but then worries about if she will be a good wife.

This story could be interesting if the show had an interesting take on this familiar story, but it doesn't really. In the end, after saying no a second time, Bonnie asks Adam to marry her. It is funny in the end when Christy tells Bonnie that she can just have this engagement last forever, but it kind of reverses on all of Bonnie's progress in the episode.

There are plenty of funny moments in this episode, but the episode's story problems drags it down. It's funny, but it isn't very satisfying. Though, of course, when it comes to the funny moments, Allison Janney always nails it.

Score: 5.5/10

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