Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Man With a Plan returned two weeks ago with a great episode that reminded me just why I love this show. Luckily, we'll be getting a bit more of it this year, as CBS recently added eight more episodes to its first season. Let's hope that their first episode after that announcement is a good one.

Adam is outside gardening when he and Andi notice something fall from Teddy's window. They then realize that he cleans his room by throwing the trash out the window. They decide that they have to discipline him, but their opinion on how to go about this differs. Andi wants to use a technique from a parenting book, while Adam wants to just yell at him for being a "bonehead." At first, they go with Andi's technique, but Adam is ready to just start yelling. However, Teddy tells him to check Emme's closet, where they find a bunch of old food. When they're about to punish her, she says that something even worse is in Kate's room. When they arrive at Kate's room, they notice that there's a bunch of moldy towels under her bed. Kate tries to get out of it by telling them about what the others have been doing, but that strategy is no longer valid.

Andi is looking through her parenting book when Adam points out how crappy the book is, and Andi notices on the "About the Author" section that the author doesn't even have kids. So she puts Adam in charge of the kids. This means some serious changes in the lives of Teddy, Emme, and Kate. He sets new rules in place. Kate tells the others not to listen, which will obviously not end well for anyone. They reveal their decision to Adam and Andi, and also announce that they're going on strike. Adam tells the guys at work about his terrible kids, and he starts worrying about how he's lost his authority. Don tells him to talk to their dad about how to get his kids in line. Joe notices firsthand how poorly the kids are acting, and tells them they can't be afraid to ruin their lives a little. Adam and Andi tell the kids that they've been too soft on them, and that they're going on strike. They're not going to do anything, and the kids will have to do it all, with no allowance given.

Days later, the house is a complete mess, but the kids act like they're unaffected by it. Adam is freaking out, and he starts cleaning stuff up. This time, Andi convinces HIM to continue with this plan. That night, she notices that Adam isn't in bed, and goes downstairs to find him, cleaning everything up. As she yells at him, Adam notices that the lunchboxes are cleaned, and it was Andi. However, Adam gets an idea: he puts all of the mess in the rooms of their kids, making the entire family's mess the kids' mess. The kids soon surrender, and the strike ends, with life going back to how it should have been. Weeks later, it is revealed that everything went back to normal, with the kids going back to their bonehead ways.

This was a pretty good episode, but it wasn't nearly as good as the premiere. While I enjoyed the plot, it was just a bit too cliche at some times and I really disliked the ended, as everything we just watched was pretty much rendered null and void. I also missed Don this week, as his part was super minimal. However, it was very nice to have Joe back again this week, and his scene was the highlight of the episode.
My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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