Better Things Season 2 Finale Review

This has been a great season of Better Things, with a myriad of fantastic episodes that brought us even closer to the Fox family, who we love, flaws and all. It's unfortunate that this will be the final episode of the show for what will feel like forever, but I'm sure they'll send us out with another good one.

Max brings Sam a list of things she wants for her graduation party, Sam gives her almost everything she wants, except for a keg of beer. Sam also wants to go to her party, but Max doesn't want her to. Even though Sam's paying for everything and it's at her house. Max also says that her dad is coming to her graduation, and that he's going to take her to graduation. Sam's clearly not really happy about this, but she acts like she's fine in front of Max.

Sam and Phil are sitting outside, watching Max's graduation party from afar. Sam isn't pleased to see grown guys there, but Phil assures her that it's fine because Max will probably be pregnant soon, anyway. The next day, some people come to clean up the house, which has been trashed. Sam wakes Max up and helps her get ready for graduation. Well, Max thinks she's helping, but Sam was really pranking her. Like all good mothers do!

Sam is getting ready for Max's graduation when everyone starts to arrive. Rich, Tressa, Phil, Marion, and Marion's son are all there. And let's just say that things are a bit awkward between Marion and Phil. Max's dad calls Sam, and tells her that he's at the airport. He's not coming. (Seriously, f*** this guy.) Sam stays calm on the phone but she takes it out on her washing machine, ripping the door off. Poor washing machine.

Sam now has to break the news to Max. In front of everyone. So Max starts crying. Marion and Phil start getting into it about her screws-ups as a mother, but Sam puts an end to that really quickly. Phil tells Sam that she's taking her to tea, and everyone else there offers to take Max to rehearsal. Max picks Rich, and he takes her with. Sam invites Sunny to go to tea, even though Phil doesn't want her to go.

Sam is talking to Max the next day when Max complains that Sam didn't get her a graduation present.  Sam then shows Max her present, which is apparently an interpretive dance performed by the entire family. Max loves this gift, probably more than most people would.

This was a great finale, and I loved the plot of the episode. This was a really emotional episode, too, with Max's dad being awful really hitting me hardest. I also felt bad for Sam this episode, because Max seemed to appreciate her even less than usual this week. I was really getting annoyed with Max for treating Sam so crappy, especially at the end when she asked for a present after all Sam did for her. But that's so true to this show, because it's real life. Teens really are garbage to their parents, and life kinda just sucks sometimes. I'm going to miss this show and its realness, and I can't wait for it to come back.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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