Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 8 ’Return to Skyfire’ Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Return to Skyfire

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Aside from the 'Pontiac Bandit' and Halloween outings, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has stayed away from sequel episodes. Because of this, 'Skyfire Cycle' seems like an odd candidate to receive a follow-up episode. While it was far from bad, the original was pretty by-the-book and not high on my list of episodes that I want sequels to. Despite my skepticism, the installment easily blew away my expectations. In fact, 'Return to Skyfire' is arguably a stronger episode than its predecessor in the comedy and story department.

The A-plot follows the trio of Terry, Jake, and Rosa trying to figure out who stole D.C. Parlov's manuscript. This select pairing has rarely been used in the series, so I'm happy that Nine-Nine can still change things up after ninety-eight episodes. Right off the bat, 'Return to Skyfire' deconstructs the 'never meet your heroes' message from the first one. It definitely felt odd that Terrry was suddenly a fan of D.C. again despite the way Parlov treated him in 'Skyfire Cycle'. While that aspect of the plot borders on unrealistic territory, it does not take away from the laughs. Since Jake is now part of the 'Skyfire' fandom alongside Terry, the episode is able to produce some hilarious moments where the duo get absorbed in the fantasy world. To top it off, Rosa's slightly annoyed demeanor makes Peralta and Jefford's enthusiasm even more fun to watch.

By the end of the episode, it is revealed that Parlov and Lawson leaked their own manuscripts and both are locked behind bars. Essentially, 'Return to Skyfire' undoes the plot of 'Skyfire Cycle' only to reconstruct and confirm the fact that Parlov is a bad person. If this were a movie sequel, a retread of the same plot would be tedious. But, since this is a 22-minute sitcom, the writers manage to change things up so it doesn't feel repetitive. Moreover, I enjoyed how unfazed Terry was by Parlov's criminal behavior and the way he brushed it off. While D.C. never became a better person, at least Jeffords saw through his tricks and realized yet again that your heroes may not be who they seem to be. Ultimately, the A-plot was a blast with rapid-fire jokes, an engaging trio, and an enjoyable story.

In the B-plot, Boyle, Terry, and Amy take part in a forensics course in order to receive board certification and get a grant. Even though the story isn't as good as the A-plot, Holt's banter with Santiago alongside Hitchock & Scully's small scene were both great examples of comedy gold. The scenes with Boyle blurting out information about his family didn't add much, but I did enjoy his struggle of trying to get the mask off. Ultimately, it wasn't a stand-out story, but it definitely made me laugh.

Overall, 'Return to Skyfire' is a worthy sequel and fun ride. The jokes land and the plot is entertaining. Additionally, I am glad that the episode had two stories per episode like last week's 'Two Turkeys'. Because of this, neither plot felt underdeveloped and the episode flowed smoothly. Finally, if the writers choose to make a 'Skyfire 3' at some point, I would absolutely be on board.

Stray Thoughts
  • Now that we have a 'Skyfire 2', let's hope that we get a 'Jimmy Jabs 2'. That episode was amazing.
  • I find it hard to believe that Terry is a bad writer when his children's book in Season 2's 'Stakeout' was amazing.
  • I can't believe D.C. didn't delete his browser history. Parlov is an awful criminal. 
  • Jake's Addams Family song really should be on Spotify. Super catchy
  • According to Holt, Barbra Streisand is a rock star. 
  • Future's 'Mask Off' was the perfect song to use when Rosa, Jake & Terry got into costume.

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