Man With a Plan Season 2 Premiere Review

Despite a rough start, Man With a Plan ended up being a very enjoyable show in its first season. While it's no Great News or Good Place, it's still a very fun show. So I'm incredibly happy to have it back this week, after far too long off the air.

Andi and Adam are headed out to the opera, for the first of three nights. Adam isn't happy about this, because honestly who would? Kate's having a shirt crisis, which Adam and Andi brush off. The babysitter Sophia arrives to, well, babysit the kids. Adam isn't very happy about her, either, because she's "hot." Andi says she doesn't care about this, pretty much because they're old and the babysitter would never be tempted by him. But Adam thinks he's a "silver fox," so Andi better watch out. They get home from the opera, and Sophia informs them that the kids were great, and tells them how sweet it was that Teddy wanted to sit on her lap to get rocked to sleep. She also calls him hilarious, and Adam thinks that she's falling for him. Kate comes down to tell them how much she likes Sophia, so looks like she's sticking around.

Adam tells Don about the babysitter situation, and Don also "knows" something's going to happen with Sophia. Kate comes out wearing a recently cut up shirt, and is also ready to try sushi, all because of Sophia. And Andi is getting jealous. Later that night, Andi is still mad, and she tells Adam to talk to her about boundaries. When they get home, Andi acts totally uncool, and Adam starts to talk to Sophia. That's when Sophia tells him she'll try to control herself around him, and Adam is super happy that he was right. Adam tells Andi about this, and she doesn't believe that Sophia likes him.

Adam tells the guys at work about Sophia, and he also says that he thinks he and Andi are getting too comfortable in their marriage, so he's probably gonna try to do something crazy. Later, when the two get home from jazz poetry, Adam tries to show Andi how much Sophia loves him. He basically tries to seduce her, but she doesn't bite. Andi saves him from embarrassment, but then volunteers to let him take Sophia home. Then Sophia tells him how sexy she thinks he is. So he freaks out and tries to get Andi to take her home. Andi still doesn't believe that Sophia likes Adam, and think he's having a midlife crisis. He yells about how she's not taking him seriously, thence makes her take her home. So on the ride home, Andi tells Sophia that she shouldn't worry about boundaries with Adam. And then she inadvertently offers a threesome. And then it comes out that Adam was right, and Andi does what all rational women would do: she drops her off at a police station. This makes Adam super happy, because that means they've still got their "special sauce." The next day, Kate comes out and says that she's not invited to a party because of something Sophia suggested, so Andi offers to take her to a Lady Gaga concert, which makes Kate happy, which is a rarity.

This was a great episode, probably one of my favorite episodes on MWAP to date. I laughed out loud so many times, especially at Andi's mustache and Adam being proud that he's still got it. I really enjoyed Victoria Justice's babysitter Sophia, who was really funny, especially on her car ride home with Andi. It was also great to have Stacy Keach back as Joe, even though his appearance was brief. I didn't realize how much I missed this crazy family, but I really did. At least based on this episode, this is going to be a great season of MWAP, and I'll be here for all of it.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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