Dancing With the Stars Season 25 Finals Review

It's hard to believe it, but welcome to the finals of Dancing With the Stars! It doesn't even seem possible, but the time for the final performances of the season is here. It's been an impressive and hard-fought season, but we'll soon find out the winner, and I am very excited, as I'm sure you are, as well.

Night 1

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas- 
Lindsey has long been someone whose dances I look forward to each week. Her routines are always fun and creative, due in no small part to Mark Ballas. But her Freestyle is probably one of my personal favorites in a very long time. It was just incredible. It's honestly the reason that I'm pulling for her to win. It left me speechless. And I may have already watched it like three times. Her Quickstep was great too, but that Freestyle...
My Score (Quickstep): 10
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson-
Honestly speaking, neither of these dances were Frankie's strongest. He's had a few better dances. Not many, but a few. Nevertheless, this was a great pair of dances, particularly the Foxtrot, which was a huge improvement over his first Foxtrot. I also really loved how he didn't take a safe route with the Freestyle, and while it was probably my least favorite of the night, it was still a valiant effort.
My Score (Foxtrot): 10
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Drew Scott and Emma Slater-
Drew is absolutely the most improved dancer of the final four, there's just no doubting that. I gave him a 5 for his first dance, and here we are. His freestyle really was just so much fun. It was quirky, and like they hoped to accomplish, it fit their personalities. His Paso was also great, but it wasn't perfect. Either way, it helped to show just how much he's grown and improved, even over last week.
My Score (Paso Doble): 9
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold-
Jordan is fantastic, and he's probably the best dancer here. Both of these dances were fantastic and so energetic. They were a real pleasure to watch, and I'd like to, in advance, congratulate Jordan on his very likely mirrorball victory. Because it really is earned.
My Score (Charleston): 10
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Dance of the Night: Lindsey & Mark - Freestyle
Honorable Mention: Jordan & Lindsay - Freestyle

Rankings for the Week:
1- Lindsey & Mark - Freestyle
2- Jordan & Lindsay - Freestyle
3- Jordan & Lindsay - Charleston
4- Lindsey & Mark - Quickstep
5- Drew & Emma - Freestyle
6- Frankie & Witney - Foxtrot
7- Frankie & Witney - Freestyle
8- Drew & Emma - Paso Doble

This was a fantastic finale. All of the dancers gave their absolute all this week, with only one dance not getting a perfect 10 from me. I also loved Julianne Hough's dance this week, and it was just a real joy to have her back in general. I never realized how much I actually missed her, but I really did.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

What did you think of this episode? Who do you want to win? Let me know in the comments and vote in the below! Also, I'll be updating this review after the second night of the season as well, so make sure to check back then as well.

Night 2:
Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas- 
Lindsey really has been one of the best dancers this entire time, but it's only in these latest weeks that she's absolutely blown me away. These two dances were absolute perfection, and I really loved the reappearance of the jive that I loved so much from what feels like so long ago. This was a great pair of dances to finish Lindsey's DWTS journey, and the two perfect scores really were earned here.
My Score (Jive): 10
My Score (Cha-Cha/Tango): 10

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson-
Frankie's Argentine Tango was one of the best dances of Disney night. I was more than a little annoyed that he didn't get a perfect score for it. Luckily, that was rectified this week with a second go at it that was somehow even better than the first. His fusion wasn't quite as good, but it that's nearly impossible.
My Score (Argentine Tango): 10
My Score (Foxtrot/Tango): 10

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold-
Jordan came and he played tonight, just like always. Congrats to the new DWTS champion!
My Score (Samba): 10
My Score (Salsa/Paso Doble): 10

This was a great way to wrap up a great season of Dancing With the Stars. While I was personally rooting for Lindsey and Mark due to their freestyle, I can't be mad at all with a Jordan and Lindsay win. All three of these finalists earned the win, and unlike in years gone by, I didn't really have a horse in the race. I'm really. going to miss all three of these contestants, who consistently brought creative and joyful routines to the table. The show itself being gone for a year certainly won't help either.
My Score: 9/10
My Grade: A-

I'll be back in Spring for the mini spin-off of Dancing With the Stars, which is all but guaranteed to not be as good, but oh well.

What did you guys think of the finale? Are you happy with the winners? Let me know in the comments below!

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