The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 7 Review ’Gender Friender’

***Spoilers Ahead***

Gender Friender

Will Forte (Center). Photo: Kevin Estrada/FOX

The penultimate episode of a Last Man story arc generally tends to be a pivotal one. The installment acts as a hype machine for the upcoming fall or season finale and usually awards the audience with a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, as a second-to-last episode, 'Gender Friender' doesn't accomplish its job. Nevertheless, the episode packs in enough Tandy shenanigans and some heartfelt moments to make it worthwhile.
The main plot of the episode centers around Tandy struggling to prove to the gang that he is indeed a feminist. While I didn't expect this to be a particularly funny story, Tandy was thoroughly hilarous in his efforts to become a progressive person. The episode made me realize that I missed the over-the-top version of Tandy. Forte has really mastered the art of cringe-comedy and he was at the top of his game throughout this episode. From shooting the glass ceiling to making ridiculously funny comments at Erica & Gail's wedding, this was Phil Miller's moment in the sun. Additionally, I truly enjoyed the fact that Tandy actually played the guitar in this episode. It made the running gag of him not being able to play worthwhile.

Outside of Tandy, 'Gender Friender' takes a look at the dysfunctional relationships between Todd & Jasper and Gail & Erica. The Todd-Jasper plot is particularly heartwarming in its own way. Both characters have been outcasts at some point in their life, so the bond between the two feels really strong overall. Plus, I really enjoyed seeing Rodriguez's child-like energy throughout the episode. On the Gail-Erica front, the two finally tied the knot after a good amount of arguing. There wasn't anything funny, but the storyline did bring out new aspects and details of both characters. For Gail, it was her long and stressful history with marriage. For Erica, it was the revelation of her last name. Yes, the series still has a bit of a problem with developing Erica's character, but it looks like they're moving in the right direction.

'Gender Friender' isn't an episode that raises the stakes or brings in an element of fear or danger, but it does help us understand these characters a bit more. In all, I'm really hoping that the fall finale brings something new to the table. Because, while I enjoyed this episode, the show has recently felt detached from the post-apocalyptic setting as a whole.

Stray Thoughts
  • Tandy's joke about Bill Clinton being between two Bushes was easily the funniest one of the night.
  • Jasper finally has some lines!
  • Overall, I feel like this is the weakest location that the gang has ever been to. Hoping that they move away soon.
  • Tandy is now a bit closer to solving the Rubix cube. This probably won't end well.
  • Originally, the title for this episode was 'Operation: Sex Change'.

Grade: B

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