'Chiller' Cable Network Meets Its Icy Maker After 11-Year Run

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Written Awash in Cable's Bloodbath by Bridger Cunningham

Being a broadcast cable network can be a frightening place in the Millennial Era  As this oft-insulted generation has done what the previous failed to do -- turn their backs on the piggish cable companies!  With that tragic note, Chiller becomes the latest cable network to shutter after an 11-year run on Sunday December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm.  Ratings data for the niche network is sparse at best, and the network's demise stems from failing to secure carriage deals from Dish and Verizon among other providers.  Chiller reached 40 Million homes and was launched by NBC Universal on March 1, 2017.  It catered to the thriller and horror fans, broadcasting movies and repeats of horror television shows.

A creative success as if avoided Channel Drifting in format, Chiller struggled against alternative platforms such as Netflix duplicating coverage of its shows.  Chiller only produced one original scripted series, 2016's Canadian-produced Slasher, which is now showcased on Netflix.  Chiller acquired several movies, as well as repeats of Reality-TV hit Fear Factor and anthology series Masters of Horror.  On July 30, 2014, NBCU folded parallel channel FearNet into Chiller after an 8-year run, condensing duplicate programming.  2017 spelled a swift decline for the network as NBCU cleaned house of networks such as Esquire.  Several carriage providers dropped the network starting with Dish on February 1, followed by Swift on April 25, Verizon Fios on October 2, Mediacom on October 23, and several Cox Communications outlet on November 8.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of its cable anomaly, as it never strayed in format like offenders MTV and VH1.


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