Modern Family S9E7 Review

It's Thanksgiving again on Modern Family, and this year the family members have secrets that they are keeping from the rest of the family.

S9E7 "Winner Winner Turkey Dinner"

The episode begins on Thanksgiving dinner, with Jay congratulating his family on their successes. However, the looks on their faces reveal that there is obviously more to the story, and the episode flashes back to show what those stories are.

Cam won an important football game, but he was only able to do so because he overheard the other team's coach on his walkie-talkie. Phil is too afraid to be able to do his magic trick that he planned to use to promote his new magic shop. Claire came in first place in a race, but took an accidental shortcut. Mitch claimed to have fought off an intruder, but really just had an unfortunate incident with nun-chucks.

These four aren't the only family members with secrets. Luke, trying to cover up not supervising Joe while babysitting him, claims to be good at photoshop, and has to have Manny photoshop things for him. Jay is also hiding something from the family, he caused Joe to get expelled. Finally, Gloria didn't really reach the step goal that she claimed to.

With the amount of things that the episode has going on, only one story gets further developed. Phil's victory in the end was a nice way to end the episode, though it was weird that he was the only one not deceiving everyone. Also, there was a moment of obvious product placement when  Gloria asks a Google Home device how long it is until the turkey is ready. Can't shows be more subtle with this? There were some funny moments in the episode, but not that many.

This was a fairly weak episode of Modern Family, but it wasn't too bad, it wasn't completely unfunny and the characters weren't obnoxious in ways that they sometimes are.

Score: 5/10

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