Superstore S3E3 Review

Amy has to multitask in this week's episode, both doing her job and being a mother, when her daughter gets a part-time job at Cloud 9.

S3E3 "Part-Time Hires"

The episode begins with the Cloud 9 employees welcoming Amy's daughter Emma to the staff. It's funny when Glenn reveals that he keeps copies of all of the photos that employees develop at Cloud 9, and when the other new employee gets completely forgotten. Jonah observes that Amy is tough on her daughter, which he points out might end up leading to her liking her dad better. Amy struggles to balance her instincts of being hard on Emma, and not wanting Emma to like her dad more than her.

It's hilarious when Amy tries to get other people to yell at her daughter instead of her, so that her daughter does the right thing but she's still the fun mom. Amy asks Glenn if he thinks that anything is wrong with Emma, and he makes her realize: she's just being a teenager. This is a nice and fitting ending to this story. This story had some solid funny moments, and my favorite line of the episode was when Amy responds to a question that Jonah has with "I'm not on a panel, this is not Ask a Latina."

Amy's story really gets a lot of the focus this week, but there is still more going on. Mateo is flirting with a construction worker, but Cheyenne points out that he might be just doing it to borrow Mateo's employee badge to use the employee bathroom. Mateo trying to impress him is funny, but nothing very original. Dina shares that she broke up with Garrett, and Garrett doesn't like that being the story going around. Garrett ends up going too far and announcing to everyone that Dina is going to therapy, so she gets back at him by getting back together with him and then dumping him.

The main story was strong, with a good amount of funny moments and a nice resolution. The secondary stories weren't as strong, though there were some funny moments with Mateo and Cheyenne.

Score: 7/10

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