Speechless S2E3 Review

This week, Ray lies to impress his girlfriend, as many characters on many sitcoms have before him, and J.J. doesn't let him get away with it easily.


Ray and his girlfriend are celebrating 100 days together, which they call their hundred day-th anniversary. Being with a girl for this long is new to Ray, so he keeps trying to prove how similar they are, which leads to him making up that he created a charity for J.J. It's hilarious when she mentions the charity to J.J, and he pushes Ray into having to pull off a fundraiser on Saturday. Ray trying to get out of this but J.J. not letting him is very entertaining, and I especially loved the Pamela part.

Ray tries to get his family to go along with a plan he comes up with, and I love it when Maya responds to him saying all they have to do is act disappointed: "Well we won't have to act disappointed." Ray points out that Maya will do anything for J.J. So, the family decides to help out Ray.

They put together a fake fundraiser, with special needs moms getting them connections, and addicts serving as guests: "Tonight, they're addicted to helping you. And also still drugs." I loved how this story explored the dynamic between Ray and J.J, and how while J.J. likes to get Ray into trouble, he's there when he really needs him.

Jimmy is struggling in his new position at work. He is torn between being the fun boss, who, as a result, has to do all the work, and being the tough boss that Maya encourages him to be, which causes him to hate his job. There isn't that much of a resolution here, but Maya being turned on by him being the tough boss is hilarious.

In this week's C-story, Dylan is annoyed with Kenneth being in her space. However, she ends up realizing she likes having Kenneth around. This story is very simple, and isn't very funny either. Luckily, it doesn't take up that much time in the episode.

The main story this week was excellent. It was both very funny, and did a great job exploring a relationship in the family. The other two stories had their issues, but Maya being turned on by tough boss Jimmy was very funny.

Score: 7.5/10

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