Ghosted S1E2 Review

Don't know if it's just me but I don't think I have ever seen a zombie virus handled so quickly.


S1E2 - 'Bee-mo'

In this episode, Leroy and Max try to contain a zombie virus while also taking care of Leroy's friend's son.

The story was ok but I had a few problems with this episode:
1. As I said above, the virus was cured very quickly. Not to mention we weren't given an explanation for what the virus was exactly or how it was cured
3. It was a Halloween episode but aired on the 8th of October which felt really weird and out of place since most shows tend to air Halloween themed episodes a few days before the 31st.
2. It wasn't very funny. I barely laughed.

I know some shows tend to suffer from second episode slump so I'm not gonna give up on this show now. But if the next few episodes aren't good I'm afraid I'll be dropping this

Quote of the week: "Ductaping you to the seat was legitimately my pleasure"

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