American Housewife Season 2 Episode 2 Review

Last week's season two premiere was a very strong episode of American Housewife, and I'm glad that it's back for more tonight. We'll get to see Katie's progress on the Spring Gala, which should be very interesting.

The episode begins with Katie trying to come up with a theme for the Spring Gala, which she has to give a presentations on today. She finally decides on a Beach Blanket Bingo, but Oliver really hates the idea. It's a fundraiser, not a 'hoedown,' and this isn't going to be classy enough. Katie really doesn't care. Anna-Kat again asks for a dog, and is once again rejected. Taylor and Eyo come in, and so does Eyo's wonderful mother Tara. She and Katie continue their rivalry, and she asks if she's got a Spring Gala theme. Katie continues to antagonize her, because Tara really deserves it. Out back, Eyo is helping Greg and Greg asks Eyo to talk to Taylor about college, which he agrees to. Katie comes out to shut down his pig roast idea, and Greg reluctantly agrees. Anna-Kat is treating her friend Franklin pretty terribly, and Greg and Katie want to talk with her. They give her an earful for being so mean, and they want her to try to give Franklin's ideas a chance. During this, Greg gets Katie to agree to the barbecue he wanted to have for their friends (AKA Angela and Doris).

Greg is constructing his barbecue, and he tells Greg that she needs to say "okay" to some of his ideas, since he always says "okay" to hers. Katie decides to just wing her Spring Gala presentation, which is not a good idea. At lunch with Doria and Angela, Doris suggests that Katie uses a 'complaint bracelet', and she gives her hers. Katie accepts an invites them to the barbecue. At the barbecue, Katie won't let Oliver talk to a girl that she thinks is trouble, and Greg won't let him do it either. We wants him to man up. Taylor and Eyo are upstairs when Eyo starts talking about college. Taylor knows Greg put him up to it, and she tells him that he should his dreams, instead of his mom's dreams for him. Greg and Oliver go to pick up the pig, and when Alice calls Oliver, her rejects her invitation. They are shown their pig, and it's alive. Greg isn't happy about this. In the house, Anna-Kat and Franklin are smearing syrup all over her wall, and she tells them that it was because of the advice from her parents. Then, Katie hears the pig (that was supposed to be their dinner) run down the hall.

Katie isn't happy about RJ the pig being in their house. But she has her presentation to worry about, so there's other things she needs to be worrying about. Then, Anna-Kat runs in and is ecstatic to see that they got a "weird dog." Katie heads to school to give her presentation, which she soon learns is in front of a huge crowd of annoying moms. She tells them about her idea for the Gala, and she gives up on her idea, saying it was Tara's. She tells them that her theme idea is Bollywood, and that all of the food will be meat-based and that they'll have elephants that Nathan Fillion "from ABC's Castle" will be riding an elephant. YIKES!!! At the barbecue, Katie is worrying about her way-too-extravegant (and way too Nathan Fillion-y) gala idea. Tara storms in, and Eyo comes out to tell her that he won't be becoming an anesthesiologist.

This was a great episode, with lots of great jokes and a strong storyline. Katie planning the Spring Gala is going to be hilarious this season, as this episode has also shown. I also love RJ Hans Gruber the pig, and I hope he sticks around for awhile. The Gala Presentation was the highpoint, but Katie's complaint bracelet (and later on, Greg's) was really funny this week, too. All in all, this was an improvement on the already great premiere. This is shaping up to be an even better season than the fantastic first season.

My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

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