2001-02 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC and CBS Rule The Pack, ABC Disintegrates

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Written Mourning The 90's Sitcom Ratings by Bridger Cunningham

The sitcom economy diminished their value this season, as this season offered 59 original helpings, down significantly from the previous season.  CBS Mondays and NBC Tuesdays and Thursdays maintained respectable performances, while ABC Tuesdays and and Wednesdays struggled with aging shows and failed pilots.  ABC's performance again placed behind FOX sitcoms, which faced similar ratings woes as several of their sitcoms performed so low, they were in the grab of WB and UPN.  .  Down in the cellar, UPN bested WB, in spite of Reba's debut leading WB's next successful sitcom entry.

NBC enjoyed a nice season as Friends Will and Grace and Just Shoot Me soaring on Thursdays despite CBS moving two of its strongest shows (Survivor, CSI) directly attacking the sitcoms.  NBC emerged victorious.  Frasier and successful freshman Scrubs holding up 9pm on Tuesdays.  Beyond that, NBC's sitcoms delivered disasters in the remaining spaces.  CBS Mondays delivered a steadfast season, strong enough so a stinker like Baby Bob survived.  Fridays, however, couldn't earn a renewal in the wake of ABC ditching Friday comedies.

ABC sitcoms began to show their age, and Dharma & Greg and Spin City were retired.  Drew Carey did not crack the top 50, My Wife and Kids landed at 40th, and only George Lopez and According to Jim were given passes for a second season.  The remains were dispensed.  FOX also experienced a soft season, yet The Simpsons, despite a down season, outrated the entire offering of ABC sitcoms.  UPN originals Girlfriends and The Parkers held respectable for network standards, and Reba became WB's latest sensation.  Beyond that, the recycled favorites and other originals performed tepid or poorly.

Source -- http://fbibler.chez.com/tvstats/recent_data/2001-02.html

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