Fresh Off the Boat S3E9 Review

While I have found season 3 of Fresh Off the Boat to be weaker than the first two seasons, I loved the Christmas episode. So, the question for me coming in this week is if it will be more like the majority of the season, or did the Christmas episode indicate future improvement.

S3E9 "How to Be an American"

Jessica is ready to get her citizenship, but when she is just about to get it, she is asked about her criminal record. The episode then flashes back to earlier that day. This technique is set up well, like the episodes of Modern Family that have used this. Louis tells the kids the love story between him and Jessica, and I enjoyed their contrasting view of the same events. However, Jessica's view on the events may be too far. The first act ends a little before where the episode began, where Louis learns that Jessica had a teaching job.

Jessica talks about her teaching past, and it was pretty funny when she puts people she knows in the story, because all white people look the same to her. It is obvious, however, that this is just a way to have these actors involved in the episode. Eddie, Emery, and Evan plan to use the day with their parents gone to go places they want to go. I have a hard time believing that Emery and Evan would take part in this plan. Jessica continues her story, and she reveals that she agreed to marry Louis to get a green card, which was so obvious.

Once AAA comes, there is a funny joke about Evan has been a member since he was two years old. They think they have solved everything, but Grandma Huang saw them and took a picture. It is very funny when she later reveals her wall of leverage. Jessica reveals the crime she committed, and this is an ending I wasn't really a fan of. It seemed too convenient in how it wrapped up everything.

I thought that both stories in this episode were weak, though there were some a couple of good jokes. It wasn't that funny of an episode, and the stories had flaws, making this a mediocre episode.

Score: 4.5/10

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