Bull S1E10 Review

Bull returns with a case having to do with a self-driving car. With this case, the show continues to try to be as modern as possible.

S1E10 "E.J."

The case this week deals with a death caused by a self-driving car. It's a relevant case, so that's a smart choice. It couldn't have been done by a show airing in the past. Bull wants to help the woman behind the self-driving car, because he believes she will do a lot of good in the future, and the case won't favor her. Bull does some interesting analysis on E.J, the person on the screen in the self-driving car, and his client.

A question about the Titanic is used to determine whether the potential jurors believe in human error. The answers that the jurors give are way too typical, their lines go over-the-top to prove the point. Bull pretends to be someone that he isn't and that scene is just weird. Bull comes up with an interesting tactic to make the jury like his client, to get her to stand up for the widow when Benny questions her.

Bull tries to track down who is responsible for the death, which leads him to discovering an employee who appears to have killed himself, but Bull notices something that indicates the death was not suicide. This is playing out a lot like a typical police procedural. In court, the prosecution digs into the ethics that the car takes into account, which brings the jury back to 2-4 against. Bull talks to the client in a scene that gets emotional, as he tries to convince her to testify. I feel like this kind of thing happens too often in this show.

Bull and the client end up getting trapped in the car, as E.J. tries to kill them. This ends up resulting in the client deciding to testify. She realizes that the car killed the man, and that was caused by a hack. The company is then found not liable of course, and Bull discovers who is responsible for the deaths. Again, the episode is feeling like a typical police procedural. The one part of the ending I did like was when the client threw E.J. into the river, and decides to do something else.

Many parts of this episode were too typical of a police procedural, which this show isn't even, even though it acts like it sometimes. There were some strengths to this episode, but they were frequently overshadowed by its weaknesses.

Score: 6/10

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