ABC Renew/Cancel Week 15: Can Big Sky Survive Small Ratings?


This week on the ABC Renew/Cancel, we're back with an update on another 10 PM ABC drama. Keep reading to see my updated thoughts on Big Sky!

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:
Queens (0.28, 0.20-0.36) 

Leans Cancellation:
Big Sky (0.31, 0.25-0.37)
Home Economics (0.34, 0.25-0.41)

Leans Renewal:
The Goldbergs (0.58, 0.46-0.70)
A Million Little Things (0.26, 0.21-0.31)
The Wonder Years (0.44, 0.30-0.67)

Likely Renewal:
The Conners (0.52, 0.46-0.65)
The Good Doctor (0.41, 0.38-0.49)
The Rookie (0.35, 0.28-0.51)

Certain Renewal:

Already Renewed:
Abbott Elementary
Grey's Anatomy
Station 19

Already Canceled/Final Season:
Promised Land
Women of the Movement (miniseries) 

Big Sky: It's one of the hardest calls of the season for me, but in recent weeks, I've felt down on Big Sky's renewal chances. While the show has been underperforming all season, its performances in the past few weeks have been truly pitiful, reaching a new low this week. It's posting sub-50% retention of Grey's Anatomy, even in the weeks where Grey's is looking pretty ugly itself, and I don't know if that going to be enough for ABC to give it another shot. Rebel was canceled with better post-Grey's retention, all while being a creation of the show runner of Grey's. Big Sky creator David E. Kelley has another new show coming to ABC next season, which I could easily see being a replacement for this underperforming series. I know ABC can't possibly cancel all of its 10 PM underperformers, but I do truly believe that A Million Little Things has a notable edge over Big Sky for a renewal. If ABC doesn't want to launch two new 10 PM dramas this fall, then I could see Big Sky getting a reprieve, but as of now, I don't see ABC having much use for the show. It can easily be replaced, and it LEANS CANCELLATION in one of the quickest falls from grace I've seen on broadcast in recent years.

Abbott Elementary: The breakout comedy of the season earned a second season right off the bat with a strong debut earlier this year following a late December preview, but it took until last week for it to officially be renewed. It was an obvious renewal from the start, with the renewal only getting more obvious as time went on, and it's a correct prediction for me.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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