CBS Orders Procedural "Linda Huntudown" Starring Underused Network Alum

 Been wondering why NCIS: Los Angeles abruptly dropped Hetty from its roster?  It turns out Linda Hunt stepped away to prepare for a riveting procedural drama.  Hunt plays Linda Huntudown, a wealthy patron of a retirement home who spends her days airing her thoughts and opinions in the internet on articles.  After she Spotted an Assassin trolling others, she decides to void her will, disinheriting her spoiled, unemployed grandchildren and use her hard-earned assets to hunt down people who troll others on the net.  

CBS promises this shall be a non-violent show, instead as Linda decides to use other means to stop trolls from using fake accounts, embarrassing people with atrocious grammar and stopping sociopaths by doing background checks to take them down a peg.  She calls out grouchy curmudgeons, mocks people with poor grammar, and trolls the bastards right back!  And the irony is she regularly researches and integrates younger catchphrase and lingo, leaving the frustrated people she confronts just believing she is a bored housewife or basement-dwelling virgin with too much time to kill.  The network hopes to showcase the 76-year old veteran actress to appeal to the target demo.  Look for Linda Huntudown to debut on Thursday, September 31, 2022.

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