Evergreen Aimee Series Premiere - Try the Lamb

Evergreen Aimee Season 1, Episode 1
Try the Lamb

Representative Aimee Ferrera Donahue walks into her house in Battle Ground, Washington early in the morning, returning after a long week of work in Washington, DC.

Aimee: Honey, I’m home!

Dave Donahue (Aimee’s husband): Aimee, shh! I just put the kids to bed.

Aimee: Just now? It’s six o’clock in the morning. Dave, what do and the kids do when I’m not around?

Dave: I just put them back to bed. Your mother woke them both up when she called at five in the morning.

Aimee: My mother did what?

Dave: She called at five AM because she thought you’d be home and wanted to ask you how the flight was.

Aimee: She scares me sometimes.

Dave: Sometimes?

Aimee: Careful, that’s my mother you’re talking about.

Dave: Are you going to call her?

Aimee: Isn’t dad in bed yet?

Dave: Wake him up, give your mom a taste of what I go through.

Aimee: Good point, it’ll also take her an hour to get him to bed.

Dave: Your mom’s just lucky I fell asleep during Magnum PI last night, if I stayed up until after Blue Bloods like I planned to, I’d barely be conscious right now.

Aimee: I would’ve returned home to see the kids running around the house unsupervised as you slept in bed, and I would’ve called an ambulance assuming you were dead and it would’ve been a whole thing.

Dave: I don’t think the ambulance would be much help if I were dead.

Aimee: Gotta make an effort to revive you, ya know? Now, I need to call my mother. It’s been an hour since she called, she’s probably checking to see if there’s been any airplane crashes at this point.

Aimee picks up the phone and calls her mom, Cherie. Her father, Ernesto, answers instead.

Ernesto: Aimee! Your mother’s been trying to call you for an hour. She wouldn’t let me sleep!Aimee: Papa, I’m sorry. My flight didn’t get in until five.

Ernesto: Your mother thought you were getting home at five.

Aimee: No. I swear, we go over this every week.

Ernesto: We wouldn’t have to go through this so often if you’d just come home, mija.

Aimee: I am home.

Ernesto: You could be home all the time if you just quit your job in DC.

Aimee: My job in DC is serving as a congresswoman, papa! I can’t just quit.

Ernesto: Sure you can! People do it all the time!

Aimee: I’m not quitting, dad. Now, where is mom?

Ernest: You don’t want to talk to your father?

Cherie: I don’t blame here.

Aimee: Mom! Where were you?

Cherie: Where was I? Where were you?

Aimee: The flight from DC to Portland, like every Tuesday. Well, the flight from DC to Chicago and Chicago to Portland. Sharon and I talked about our kids, little Danny isn’t so little anymore, he’s graduating from college later this year. Margo and I argued over which of us would get the last soft pretzel at the Chicago airport. It wasn’t me. Now, where were you because dad never answers the phone.

Cherie: I was in the bathroom.

Aimee: TMI.

Cherie: You asked!

Aimee: Why were you so concerned about me that you needed to call at 5 AM?

Cherie: You were supposed to call when you landed and you didn’t!

Aimee: My cell phone was dead. It’s a long trip and I couldn’t sleep. I Candy Crush-ed it for a while. Then I fell asleep and left my phone on and it died.

Cherie: Candy Crush is more important than your mother?

Aimee: I didn’t say that. But, I must ask, why do you worry so much about me? You have six children, mom. Kimmy’s even living at home yet.

Cherie: None of my other children fly across the country twice a week. Don’t you get tired?

Aimee: No! I enjoy the ride.

Cherie: You do?

Aimee: God, no! The job’s rewarding, though, and that’s what matters.

Cherie: Are you still coming over for dinner tonight?

Aimee: Of course I am, just like every Saturday and Sunday that I’m home.

Cherie: I got a quail!

Aimee: A quail? Like for a pet?

Cherie: No, for dinner!

Aimee: I don’t think a single quail will feed all of us.

Cherie: I got whatever it takes to feed us all. Don’t be so particular!

Aimee: See you tonight, mom. I need to go catch up with my husband!

That night, at Ernesto and Cherie’s…

Cherie: Aimee, you look great!

Aimee: Mom, I’ve been gone for five days.

Cherie: Five long days without seeing my baby!

Kimmy: I’m right here, mom!

Aimee: Kimmy, mom said today that I’m her favorite!

Cherie: That’s not true!

Kimmy: I know that, mom. You love me most

Aimee: Actually, mom said you’re the least favorite because you’re such a pain in the rear.

Cherie: Also not true! Would I let my least favorite live with us until she was twenty-six years old?

Kimmy: This implies that you do have a least favorite child.

Aimee: It’s Eloise, right?

Cherie: It’s not Eloise!

Aimee: Junior?

Kimmy: He never matched up to dad’s name.

Ernesto: Girls, stop picking on your brother.

Kimmy: Sorry dad!

Aimee: I can’t believe that I’ve been here for a whole minute and my leftist sister hasn’t once called my a fascist.

Kimmy: It can be arranged. You know, you voted against the -

Aimee: I don’t care.

Kimmy: I’m your constituent, you need to listen to me!

Aimee: You didn’t even vote for me.

Ernesto: Kimberly, you didn’t even vote for your own sister?

Kimmy: Aimee, why?

Aimee: Why am I a conservative? Because I believe in limited go-

Cherie: Aimee, no stump speeches at dinner.

Dave: Yeah, we don’t need Annie and Eddie to see mommy fight auntie Kimmy again.

Aimee: We’ve never fought in front of the children.

Dave: Fourth of July…

Aimee: We were drunk, that was different.

Ernesto: When were you drunk?

Cherie: You were in bed, honey.

Aimee: Can we just eat? It’s been a long week. Nanette brought so many things up for a vote and I’ve sat on so many committee meetings and I’m ready to relax and not talk about politics.

Cherie: That would be great!

Ernesto: Aimee, you know, one of my friends is looking for a new lawyer at his firm.

Aimee: Dad, I’m not a lawyer. Nor am I in the market for a new job.

Ernesto: Worth a try.

Aimee: When’s the quail ready, mom?

Cherie: I scrapped that. I did actually only buy one, so that’s my lunch tomorrow.

Aimee: Oh, mom. What are we going to eat now?

Cherie: Your father got stromboli.

Aimee: I like stromboli.

Dave: Is it just sitting in there getting cold?

Ernesto: Yes, so let’s get to eating!

Dave: Okay, okay.

The family walks into the dining room when Aimee’s phone goes off. It’s a call from her friend and colleague Carolyn Mackenzie Roy.

Aimee: I gotta take this, guys. It’s Carolyn.

Ernesto: Carolyn can’t wait? I worked hard on this meal!

Aimee: One minute, dad. Okay?

Ernesto: Okay.

Cherie: Calm down. It’s a phone call, she’s not leaving until Sunday night.

Aimee answers the call.

Carolyn: Aimee, thank you for picking up.

Aimee: I always pick up for you, Carolyn.

Carolyn: You’re gonna wish you didn’t.

Aimee: What’s wrong?

Carolyn: Well, first, let’s talk.

Aimee: You’re scaring me now.

Carolyn: How’s your day off been?

Aimee: Good. Now, what’s wrong?

Carolyn: I have two things to tell you. What do you want first?

Aimee: How could I tell you that when I don’t know what it is.

Carolyn: Do you want the bad news first or the really bad news first?

Aimee: They’re both bad?

Carolyn: You know what? I’ll start with the worse one. One of my old friends in the Washington legislature who’s been working on redistricting called me and said it’s quite brutal. I’m out in eastern Washington so the Dems can’t drawn me out very easily. You’re in trouble.

Aimee: How much trouble?

Carolyn: There’s one version of the map floating around where your district is just Clark and Cowlitz counties with a trail all the way up into downtown Seattle. It voted Democrat by over fifteen percent in 2020.

Aimee: Well, I’m screwed.

Carolyn: He said they were probably. not using that one.

Aimee: Carolyn! Lead with that.

Carolyn: Your district is definitely getting bluer in redistricting, though. I heard the goal is a distract that went Republican by a point in 2020. They think that version of the district wouldn’t be struck down by the courts.

Aimee: So all it takes to wipe me out is a blue wave. It’s not like we’re heading into a midterm election with a Republican president or anything…

Carolyn: You’re talented, though. You can probably win it!

Aimee: Probably. So reassuring. What other news is there?

Carolyn: So, remember that bill you introduced?

Aimee: Which one, Carolyn?

Carolyn: The one about protecting the health of mothers during childbirth.

Aimee: My life’s work? Yes, I remember that.

Carolyn: Victor says he’s not going to get the caucus to vote in favor of it. Too much opposition, he’s not going to bother to whip the caucus into line.

Aimee: There’s Democrats supporting it.

Carolyn: Not enough to pass. They have opposition to language in it. Your bill’s not going to pass, Aimee. It’s going to die in committee.

Aimee: I’m going to kill Victor. I mean it this time, I’m going to pull his spine through his mouth and snap it in half.

Carey: I’m sorry, Aimee. It’s a good bill. One day.

Aimee: Is that all? Any fun stories about your kids?

Carolyn: They’re still a pain in my ass.

Aimee: That’s about what I expected. See ya Monday, Carolyn.

Carolyn: About that… Nanette wants us in tomorrow for an emergency vote on the post office.

Aimee: Are you fu-

Carolyn: Kidding! See you Monday, dear. Bright and early!

Aimee hangs up.

Cherie: What was that about? 

Aimee: Work.

Ernesto: Of course it was!

Aimee: I’m not discussing it any further. Let’s eat!

Cherie: Honey, we’re done eating.

Kimmy: Yeah, Aimee. You were on the phone for like ten minutes.

Aimee: Are you serious?

Cherie: No, you were gone for two minutes! Your father inhales his food that fast but the rest of us have barely started.

Ernesto: You really thought you missed out on a priceless family moment, didn’t you?

Aimee: Not really?

That night, when Aimee and Dave are in bed…

Dave: You wanna…?

Aimee: Wanna what? Go to sleep? Yes.

Dave: You know. You wanna… do… it.

Aimee: Do I look like I want to?

Dave: It’s worth a try.

Aimee: I am conflicted.

Dave: What about?

Aimee: I don’t think I want to be in Congress anymore.

Dave: Wow. What’s wrong?

Aimee: I don’t get to see my family. I only ever see you and the kids for more than a weekend when the House is on recess. I have friends, but no one I can really bond with. A lot of the Republicans don’t like me because I work with the Democrats too much. I have Carolyn and Alec and Lynette and that’s really it. Carolyn’s the only one that even lives somewhat near me. I’m lonely. I’m lonely and I have to take flights across the country to get home from work just to go back in less than 48 hours. I get tons of bills passed but no one will give my most important piece of legislation a second look. I feel unfulfilled and spread too thin. I’m afraid my kids won’t know who I am. I’m barely in their lives to begin win, if I get sucked into this job any longer, I’m gonna be an absentee mother. My parents keep telling me to retire, I should.

Dave: Aimee… I support whatever you do. If retirement is for you, then retire. I want you happy. I love you for the person you are, the job doesn’t matter.

Aimee: So, I’m gonna sit on this for a few days and I think I’m going to tell Victor on Monday that I’m done. I’m going to retire after this term.

Dave: Great!

Aimee: Thank you for being so supportive, honey.

Dave: Now that you’ve gotten that off your chest and you’re no longer worried, you wanna…

Aimee: Good night, David.

Dave: Again, worth a try.

Monday morning, in Aimee’s office, she meets with her fellow representatives Alec Kefauver, Lynette Chaffee, and Carolyn.

Carolyn: Aimee, you know, I love you live a daughter who’s only two years younger than me, but why’d you call us in here?

Lynette: Yeah I’m very busy worrying about… I don’t know, I’m not busy at all. I represent Wyoming. Even I don’t know if it actually exists.

Aimee: Well, ladies and Alec, I’ve called you in for a very special reason.

Alec: You’re pregnant! Congratulations!

Aimee: No, I’m not pregnant! That would require, you know…

Carolyn: Oh, honey…

Aimee: I’m -

Lynette: Are you moving to Wyoming? Don’t.

Alec: Lynette, everything all right in Wyoming? You seem more depressed than usual.

Lynette: It’s Wyoming, of course it’s not all right!

Aimee: Can I please tell you my news? I gotta talk to Victor, too.

Carolyn: Yes, Aimee. Ignore Lynette, she’s just now realizing how horrible it is to live in a state that’s ninety percent vacant.

Aimee: I’m retiring.

Carolyn: You’re what?

Lynette: Aimee, you can’t do this to me.

Alec: Lynette, you’re already retiring to run for Senate. You’re leaving us, too!

Lynette: That’s true.

Aimee: Look, I love you guys and our little friend meetings, but I’m a mother of two young children, I can’t keep flying cross-country every week, it’s exhausting. Some people are built for it, I’m not. My family’s going to be much happier without me being in Congress.

Carolyn: Aimee, you know I love working with you. You were my favorite intern when I worked in Olympia and you’re my favorite colleague now.

Lynette: Ouch! That hurts!

Carolyn: This isn’t about you, Lynette.

Lynette: That doesn’t mean you gotta make me cry.

Carolyn: Aimee, I’m gonna miss you, but working alongside you over the course of the past fifteen years give or take has been a wonderful experience. You’re going to do great things, whether you’re in Congress or not.

Lynette: Yeah, what Carolyn said.

Aimee: You’re always so good with words, Lynette.

Lynette: Thank you, I try

Aimee: No one look sad, we still have a year left of this merry band of fools!

Lynette: Can I have your office when you leave?

Alec: Again, Lynette. You’re running for Senate. You’ll have a senate office

Lynette: I keep forgetting I’m running for that.

Carolyn: I can tell you really want that senate seat.

Lynette: I’ve run for it before, I guess I’m used to the feeling of being a senate candidate that I forget I’m running.

Aimee: Okay you guys, I need to go talk to Victor. Lovely to see you all today, now time to get out of my office.

Alec: You don’t trust Lynette in here alone?

Carolyn: I don’t blame her.

Lynette: Neither do I.

Aimee walks to the office of Republican House Minority Leader Victor Mulcahy. On her way, she runs into Speaker of the House Nanette Peretti.

Nanette: Congresswoman Ferrera Donahue! How are you today?

Aimee: It’s just Aimee, Madam Speaker. And, I’m fine. How are you?

Nanette: Busy. Your president’s making a huge mess and I gotta clean it up.

Aimee: Well, it was nice talking to you. Have a nice day.

Nanette: I’m heading to the floor for a vote and you’re going in the opposite direction. Are you confused?

Aimee: No, I’m going to talk to Victor.

Nanette: Victor? I don’t see what relevance he has that makes him more important than voting.

Aimee: He’s my party conference leader.

Nanette: Your point?

Aimee: Have a nice day, Madam Speaker.

Nanette: You too, congresswoman.

In Victor’s office…

Victor: Ah, Aimee! Always nice to see one of my best and brightest. I’m just finishing up my meeting with Senator McCallister here

Geraldine McCallister: Howdy, Aimee. How ya doin’?

Aimee: Been too long, Gerry.

Gerry: I better get going. Hagelin and Wilson are probably busy establishing socialism as our national religion as we speak.

Victor: Nice talking to you, Gerry. I’ll let you know if I think of anyone.

Gerry: Okay, take your time. No rush!

Victor: So what’s going on, Aimee? Did Nanette harass you into voting with her again? She needs to stop that.

Aimee: No, it’s not about Nanette. It’s about me.

Victor: Thank god, I can’t stand to hear anything about that woman. What’s up with you?

Aimee: I’ve decided to retire after my current term. I feel like I’m not getting any work done and I’m spending too much time away from the kids and it’s too much to deal with. Time to move on. Outward and upward, ya know?

Victor: Dahlia, can you call Senator McCallister in here?

Aimee: Victor, I know you’re mad but I don’t think you need to have Gerry shoot me.

Victor: Mad? No way. It’s your choice to retire. I just want Gerry to come in and discuss something with you.

Aimee: Okay, I’m just glad you aren’t mad.

Geraldine: Mulcahy, what do you have to say to me now that you couldn’t say to me five minutes ago?

Victor: I have the perfect person for you.

Geraldine: Aimee!

Aimee: Huh? What am I perfect for?

Geraldine: Well, Aimee, I’m not certain this is what Victor means but I think he’s saying that you are the perfect choice to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate in 2022.

Victor: That’s exactly what I mean.

Aimee: Victor, do you know what the word “retirement” means?

Victor: Aimee, hear me out.

Geraldine: I’m sure you heard that Marnie Carter is retiring

Aimee: And she will be replaced by whoever the Democrats nominate. They can nominate a parakeet and win. Why would I run?

Geraldine: It’s good for the party. A strong Republican at the top of the ticket can help Republicans win down the ballot.

Aimee: That’s great, I’m sure you can find some rich guy to run and get forty-two percent of the vote just like I would.

Victor: Aimee, I don’t ask you for a lot.

Aimee: You don’t give me a lot, either. Why do you think I’m retiring?

Victor: Please, jut do us this favor.

Geraldine: It would be quite beneficial. You never know, you could even win!

Victor: But probably not. Still, it’s a great way to say “thank you” to the Republican Party.

Aimee: You know what? I’m going out, might as well go out with a bang. I’ve always wanted to see Spokane.

Victor: You’re doing it?

Aimee: No, not without something in return.

Victor: What would that be? I can’t offer the world.

Geraldine: Do whatever it takes, Victor.

Aimee: Whip the caucus in favor of my childbirth protection bill.

Victor: I thought I told Carolyn I wasn’t going to do that.

Aimee: Do it. Talk to Nanette to get some Democrats in line if you must. Just do it.

Victor: All right, let’s do it.

Aimee: Then I’m running for Senate!

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