The Rookie to be Renamed The Oldie (April Fools)

It's the end of the line for The Rookie, as ABC has opted to change the name of the series after three seasons to The Oldie. It will star Nathan Fillion as his character of John Nolan in the year 2050, continuing to serve on the LAPD at the age of 75. Mocked for his age, Nolan is determined to remain on the force until he physically can't. The pickup of The Oldie is said to be the first in many changes at ABC as they target an older audience. Fillion will be the only cast member to return to the series, with all other characters said to have retired by the start of the run. It'll be a one-man show for Fillion, who will be joined by a series of one-off guest starts instead of an ensemble cast, a move to cut costs. The Oldie is set to premiere Saturday, October 16 at 10 PM, airing behind the season two premieres of Soul of a Nation and The Con.

What do you think of this fake news? Did you fall for it? Let us know in the comments!

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