CBS Renew/Cancel Week 16: Final Update

Well folks, we're officially at the end of the 2018-2019 television season! It is time for one final update before the CBS upfront presentation on Wednesday, May 15th.                            
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
The Code

Hawaii Five-0
Man with a Plan
Life in Pieces

Happy Together

Madam Secretary
Murphy Brown

Before we jump into all the predictions, here is a quick update since the last CBS Renew/Cancel three weeks ago. CBS renewed veterans NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans for next season. Neither renewal was a surprise, as both had been considered Certain to be Renewed since week one. Another correction prediction for The TV Ratings Guide!

Now to all the fun...

It is quite an exciting week for Renew/Cancel! We have four shows making last minute moves, and two new additions to the chart. My goal was to predict 'certainty' for as many shows as possible. For those five shows in the middle, they could go either way and I would not be surprised.

Let's dig into all of them, shall we?

Certain to be Cancelled
I think its fair to say The Code is one of the biggest bombs of the season. It clearly had CBS' backing with ample promotion, fit the CBS brand, and had the opportunity to debut behind NCIS. Despite that, the premiere was a meager 0.7 and it has dropped as low as 0.5 in its permanent Monday 9 o'clock home. With almost zero DVR lift, there is no reason to keep The Code.

Sorry Fam, Happy Together, and Murphy Brown, but you're all dead. Not much interest in any three of the comedies, especially in L+3 and L+7.

Likely to be Cancelled
I feel like CBS is going to pull the plug on Bull mainly to open up a timeslot. There been the controversy surrounding Michael Weatherly, and the show is down about 37% year to year. Unless there is some network out there ready to make a syndication deal, this the end of the road.

No show pains me more to add to cancellation than Life in Pieces. CBS brought it back so late in the season (mid-April), and even moved it from The Big Bang Theory series finale night. Maybe I'm reading too much into it? The ratings haven't been awful, as its hovering around 0.8 each week, holding about 75-80% of its Mom lead in. I really hope I'm wrong with this prediction.

Likely to be Renewed
Hawaii Five-0 should be a safe renewal, but something in my mind keeps coming up that one of the Friday night dramas could end this season. Will it be Hawaii Five-0? From a ratings standpoint, hopefully not. 

Then there is Friday night companion MacGyver, which swings from Toss-Up to Likely to be Renewed. Again, I would not be shocked if a Friday night series bit the dust, but I am playing it safe in calling a renewal for both it and 5-0.

Sunday night drama Madam Secretary is only here because of the syndication deal CBS signed last year. If it were based on ratings, this would be an easy call for cancellation. With the syndication deal, however, things are a lot more murky. If there is still financial reasons to keep it going, Madam Secretary is heading back to Sundays at 10.

Certain to be Renewed
Making the move this week is third year comedy Man with a Plan. While it still has never broken out in a big way, it has also never been a dud. With 56 episodes under its belt by the time the third season concludes, it seems inevitable that the CBS will want at least one more season for syndication.  I imagine it would make for a good sale, since no multi-camera sitcom has hit the market since Last Man Standing joined ABC Family (now Freeform) in 2015.

Sophomore SEAL Team also heads toward more positive territory this week. This marks the first time it is Certain to Renewed. The numbers have not been great, but a 0.6 at 10pm is not the worst rating either. It seems CBS still stands behind the show.

Last week SWAT shifted to Certain to be Renewed, and it remains there in the final week too. Nabbing a 0.7 at 10 is pretty solid, even with an above average 930 lead in. SWAT also gets to air after the Big Bang Theory retrospective special and will likely finish the season down by less than 18% - not too shabby for a sophomore series.

What are your final predictions? Sound off in the comments below!
Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds


God Friended Me

Magnum PI



NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: New Orleans


Young Sheldon

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