Jess's Take: The NBC Schedule Analysis

Welcome to a long overdue installment of Jess's Take. Today, I want to give my take on the NBC schedule and give my grades on the day by day breakthrough. This is going to be a long post, so here we go!

8 PM: The Voice
10 PM: Bluff City Law (NEW)

As usual, The Voice is leading into a new drama, the drama being Bluff City Law. This is interesting to say the least. But I see this being a Law & Order: True Crime scenario. The last few procedurals that went after The Voice outside of the Chicago franchise have flopped. However, this Monday schedule is not bad. 

Grade: B

8 PM: The Voice
9 PM: This Is Us
10 PM: New Amsterdam

Okay, we got some stability here. But The Voice and This is Us will be some question marks. However, a few minor ratings changes are not going to kill the entire night. That's a good thing, in my opinion.

Grade: A-

8 PM: Chicago Med
9 PM: Chicago Fire
10 PM: Chicago PD

Not too shabby, NBC. Not too shabby. The all-Chicago night has returned. Why fix something that's not broken?

Grade: A+

8 PM: Superstore
8:30 PM: Perfect Harmony (NEW)
9 PM: The Good Place
9:30 PM: Sunnyside (NEW)
10 PM: Law & Order: SVU

As usual, I'm not a fan of this Thursday schedule. With Superstore and The Good Place broken up, that may cause some issues. Why fix something that's not even broken? Why break up two shows that have not declined as heavily as other veteran comedies such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Will & Grace? A plausible explanation would be to strengthen NBC Thursday. But I don't know if putting two new comedies is the answer. The other downside: keeping Law & Order: SVU. Yes, the 10pm show did okay despite a terrible lead-in, but I feel this will accelerate its decline, especially if Sunnyside turns out to be I Feel Bad 2.0. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Will & Grace will be back soon enough at this rate.

Grade: D+

8 PM: The Blacklist (new timeslot!)
9 PM: Dateline NBC (new timeslot, two-hours)

This is not a bad Friday schedule. In this case, Friday is used for veteran shows that can get ratings 20-30% lower than a typical Sunday-Thursday show. Thank God Manifest is not in this schedule or we're in for a bad season. In all seriousness, having a veteran show on Friday is better than having a sophomore get dumped on the night. My only quip is The Blacklist needs to stabilize itself.

Grade: B+

Heading on to the Sunday midseason schedule, here are my thoughts.

Sunday (midseason):
8 PM: Little Big Shots
9 PM: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NEW)
10 PM: Good Girls

Hasn't NBC learned from Sundays? This is historically a low rated night (even lower rated than Fridays) and where shows go to die. Little Big Shots is not the hit it was when it first launched. Now it is at Hollywood Game Night levels. That's not going to bode well for the new show which will accelerate Good Girls' declining ratings. NBC punted on this one.

Grade: F

Overall Grade: B-
This schedule is solid, but with a few misfires. It may be enough to keep NBC as one of the top two networks in the Big 4. The biggest mishap is the Sunday midseason schedule from a ratings standpoint followed by NBC Thursday.

What do you think about the analysis? Let me know in the comments below! 

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