Online Fanbases: A Look Into ABC Scripted Shows

Before I begin, I’ll note that not all TV shows have subreddit pages that I could find. The tables below are sortable, and you can view all columns by swiping on the table with a finger or computer mouse. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


For the most part, the number of subreddit followers is correlated with how long the show has been on the air. While Modern Family has come back down to earth lately, the number of followers it has is astonishingly larger than those of the other shows. Meanwhile, Bless This Mess, which so far has only aired six episodes, doesn’t exactly have a passionate online fanbase yet.

There are two other noteworthy things here. One of these is the high placement of Fresh Of The Boat, a show that never really broke out in the Nielsen ratings. Its main “claim to fame” is the fact that it is the first broadcast TV show in decades to have a cast made predominately of Asian-Americans. It is unclear if that is enough for it to accumulate a relatively large online fanbase, but it is certainly interesting how its subreddit followers count is higher than several shows that have seen higher ratings than it has.

The other noteworthy thing is how Schooled is yet to catch on with an online fanbase. It holds well from its parent show, The Goldbergs, in the linear Nielsen ratings, but lags behind a bit when delayed viewing is factored in. We are yet to see how it would fare on its own, but so far signs point to it being a time slot hit.


Marvel is a wildly popular brand, as demonstrated by the online fanbase for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The ratings started off strong but have since become very low, and now airs Fridays during the summer. This show has significantly more subreddit followers than ABC’s other dramas combined. Grey’s Anatomy also has a large fanbase, and also appears to be doing well with audiences on Netflix and Hulu. How To Get Away with Murder, like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, is a show that was once popular in the Nielsen ratings with relatively high subreddit followers to show for it. What is interesting is how Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 is significantly behind other time slot occupant A Million Little Things, not to mention how far behind it is from Grey's Anatomy itself. Another show that hasn’t really caught on is For the People, which was canceled after two low-rated seasons. As is shown in the table, The Fix almost never existed when it comes to subreddit followers.

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