Jess's Take: The FOX Schedule Analysis

Welcome to another installment of Jess's Take. Today, I will tackle the FOX schedule. Here we go!

8 PM: 9-1-1 (new timeslot!)
9 PM: Prodigal Son (new drama!)

FOX did the smart move and used 9-1-1 as the lead in to a new drama. However, with 9-1-1's ratings decline, I'm not so sure Prodigal Son will do well unless the promotion is right. Overall, Monday is a solid schedule.

Grade: B+

8 PM: The Resident (new timeslot!)
9 PM: Empire (new timeslot!)

FOX is trying again with two veteran dramas on Tuesday. We got two tonally different shows and Empire is back at 9pm. This is not a pretty sight but this will keep the night warm at least for the fall.

Grade: C+

8 PM: The Masked Singer (new timeslot!)
9 PM: Not Just Me (FKA Sisters) (new drama!)

FOX pulled another smart move and used its highest rated show on new drama Not Just Me. This will ensure that Wednesday is going to be their highest rated night at least for the fall, unless a Joe Millionaire-esque collapse happens. 

Grade: A

We do not have midseason plans for FOX, given that Thursday and Friday have football and WWE, so we'll continue with Sunday. 

8 PM: The Simpsons
8:30 PM: Bless The Harts (new animated comedy!)
9 PM: Bob's Burgers (new timeslot!)
9:30 PM: Family Guy (new timeslot!)

Animation Domination is finally back on FOX. But what fresh heck is this? Why is Family Guy being given the American Dad treatment? And what will air at 7:30pm? That's my question.

Grade: C

Overall Grade: B-

My biggest quip is, surprisingly, Sundays. The Simpsons ratings are declining. Unless Bless the Harts proves to be stable, then this night is going to be one of the lowest rated nights. My other complaint: benching Last Man Standing. My guess is that Tim Allen's salary may be a factor, but why treat a major success as the redheaded stepchild?

What do you think about this analysis? Let me know in the comments below! 

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