Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 13 Review

I'm particularly excited for this week's Man With a Plan, which will feature much of the show's recurring cast (including Marcy!), in addition to the great main characters. I'm hoping it doesn't let me down.

Adam is planning to go out for dinner for Andi's birthday, and he asks his parents to go with. Bev is pretty shocked that he managed to remember this time, because he NEVER does. Just when Adam's about to tell Andi about the dinner, Bev tells her about it. Andi is shocked by this, just like Bev was earlier. Andi offers to handle the "logistics." All that Adam would need to do is be there and avoid messing things up for Andi. Adam refuses, saying that he wants to do it himself. To inspire some confidence in her, he sends out invitations. At this point, what could go wrong?

At work, Lowell happily responds to his invitation with a "yes." Don tells him that him and Marcy can't go, because of some commitment with people from her pottery class. So Adam replaces them with Joy and Rudy. Don isn't happy about this, because he expected Adam to change the date for them. When he tells Andi this, she says pretty much the same thing as Don. Adam tries to reassure her, but she still isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Marcy is freaking out about being replaced, so she tells Don that she wants back in. The problem is that only eight people can fit at the private room at the restaurant, so Adam tells Don he's rescheduling. Lowell freaks out, but then Adam tells him that it's not canceled and that he's just trying to get Don off his back. Then, Joy and Rudy run into Don and Marcy at the grocery store and let everything spill. And Marcy spills right back, telling them about a first email that Joy and Rudy weren't a part of. And now everyone's mad.

Marcy and Joy yell at Adam about lying to them, and both tell him they aren't coming to the dinner. On the night of the dinner, nobody shows up. Not even Lowell. After dinner, they head home. Everyone's there, and it was all Adam's idea. It took some work, like admitting that he's a lying bonehead, but that's nothing for Andi. Everyone has a lot of fun at the party, and Don and Rudy bond over their crazy wives.

I loved this episode of Man With a Plan, because it did something I've been hoping it would do all season. It took an episode off from the typical plot of focusing solely onAdam and Andi and devoted an episode to the show's enitre cast. The show has a wide range of interesting characters, and its best episodes are when those characters get used. It was nice to see Don have an actual role to play in the plot aside from merely being there. But the truest delight of all was having Kali Rocha return as Marcy, one of my favorite characters. Marcy has been underutilized this season and it was great to have her back on the show for what may be the season's best yet.
Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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