Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Adam and Andi plays mind games with each other, and shockingly, it's all because of Kate! Obviously Adam's gonna lose this war, but let's see for ourselves.

A clown knocks at the Burns' door to deliver a singing telegram for Kate, asking her to go to a dance. This is all good until Adam finds out that the guy asking her out is a senior. Then he freaks out. Andi wants to let her go, and she tries to get him to cave using her normal tactics. This time though, Adam is ready for a fight. He's way too determined to lose.

Adam tries to get advice from the guys (minus Don), and Joe suggests a silent negotiation, where Adam just lets Andi talk and talk and talk until she talks herself out of it. Joe decides to try it out on Don once he arrives, just to prove to Adam that it works. It works on Don, but Don's mind isn't exactly a fortress, so this might still fail. Adam decides to give it a go, and it seems to be working. She slowly convinces herself that Kate shouldn't go. The next day, however, Andi figures out Adam's stragtegy, and she's now re-convinced that Kate should go. So she asks Joy, who tells her that she should let Adam make all the decisions, with no harm done since he'll never actually do anything. She tries it out on Adam, who immediately it confused by her requests. The mind game war is on.

Adam is still unsure of how to make any decisions, and it's honestly just kinda sad. Don tells his to make argue something ridiculous to Andi so he can lose a fight and make his opinion less respected. Adam tells Andi that the kids shouldn't go to summer camp at all, which he thinks is a surefire loss. She caves, and throws more decisions at him in an attempt to make him cave. It's then back to the bar to ask the guys for more advice, since it worked so perfectly the first time. Lowell brings up the wild and crazy idea that maybe Andi knows that he tricked her, and Joe remembers how horrible the silent negotiation is. Adam rushes home to tell Andi that he knows about her mind games, but he doesn't have room to talk. So they decide to sit down and discuss the dance. Obviously, Adam loses this battle. It's dance night, and Kate's date arrives. When she sees him, Andi then starts to think about how terrible of an idea this is. Adam tells her that he'll go with them, which Kate is less-than-enthused about. When they get home, Adam tells Andi about how great his night was. And for some reason, Kate doesn't seem to have had as much fun. I wonder why.

I enjoyed this episode of Man With a Plan, but it was far from perfect. It was another in a long line of Adam vs. Andi episodes, and I wish that the show would be more creative. A small conflict is one thing, but this conflict took up the entire epiosde. It still had funny moments though, mostly from Don and Joe. I also loved the final scene, especially when Adam was talking about his night at the dance, which made me laugh really, really hard. All in all, while this episode wasn't really the greatest, it was still perfectly enjoyable.

My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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