American Housewife Season 2 Episode 16 Review

American Housewife is finally back after some time off. This week sees Katie and Anna-Kat taking part in a school field day, and also a chili cookoff! Fun stuff!

It's Spring in Westport, and that means it's time for the elementary school's annual field day. As usual, Katie hates the idea. She doesn't plan on taking part, but Anna-Kat begs her and she agrees. After dropping Anna-Kat off, Katie is introduced to a new Katie in town. She worries about being called "Big Katie" now, since both also happen to have surnames beginning with 'O.' Katie is then set off by the fact that she'll be the "anchor" during the tug-of-war game, yelling about how she's an average-sized gal anywhere else, but not in Westport. Meanwhile, Greg is making chili for a chili cookout, and he asks for Trip's help. Trip is thrilled about this. Taylor, less so. Katie goes to complain to Nancy about being the tug-or-war anchor at field day, and New Katie offers her a spot as a three-legged race participant. Crisis averted! Probably.

Katie and Anna-Kat practice for the three-legged race. All. day. long. They practice inside and outside, in the bathroom and in the hallway. During all this, Oliver and Taylor are getting jealous about Greg and Trip's day together. Just for very different reasons. They decide that this bonding time has to come to an end, and soon. So they try to pry Greg and Trip away from each other. This fails. Greg and Trip think that they're gonna win, and even plan on entering other cooking contests. So they come up with a scheme to ensure that they lose. Katie walks into Anna-Kat's room and discovers that the injury she's claiming to have was just faked, so that she wouldn't have to take part in the three-legged race.

Anna-Kat tells Katie that Katie's extreme approach to training ruined her fun, and Katie realizes that she took things too far. She agrees to put an end to practicing, and her and Anna-Kat are happy once again. Taylor and Oliver have put an extremely spicy ghost pepper in Greg and Trip's chili, but it doesn't work out the way they planned. The chili isn't spicy at all, at least not at first. It kicks in seconds later, and Greg and Trip are in extreme pain. And then, so is Taylor, who also tried it. At Field Day, Anna-Kat overhears some of the awful moms talking smack, and she is ready to crush the three-legged race. They win the race, beating Chloe and her daughter. Katie also finds out her nickname. It's bitchy Katie, which I guess is better than Big Katie. The field day victor comes down to tug-of-war, so Katie takes over as anchor. They win field day, and Katie is particularly pleased about Chloe's defeat.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, though I did have problems with it. There were parts of it that were just a bit too clichè, such as the kids wanting to split up Greg and Trip or Anna-Kat faking an injury. I know that the show can be more creative than that, so it disappoints me to see it relying on tired clichès for plot development. Still, the episode was pretty enjoyable, and I really love to see Katie and Chloe get in petty arguments. The ending, with Chloe and Katie eating the hot chili, was pure gold, especially when Katie said she hated Chloe more than she liked herself. I do, however, wish that  there had been more focus on Katie and Anna-Kat's relationship than on Katie's feuds with the other moms.

My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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